All Terrain Skin Care Protection Products. Safe & Effective Using Natural Ingredients.

All Terrain sells great products using natural ingredients to help people live active, healthier lifestyles; whether trekking in the backcountry or simply relaxing with family in the backyard

Safe & effective and they work great. I’ve been using the Recovery Rub & Aloe Gel Skin Relief for a few weeks now and love them both. The Aloe Gel Skin Relief is perfect for winter dry skin. My hands are in water at least half the day, by the afternoon they are so dry and some cracks around my cuticles. Since using All Terrain they are back to normal and so soft.

I am very impressed with the results I’ve seen in the short time using the All Terrain Natural Products.

Protecting your outside, so you feel better inside!


The Aloe Gel Skin Relief skin protectant gel is paraben-free with 0.5% Allantoin and moisturizing aloe gel that helps relieve dry, chapped, and cracked skin plus temporarily protects cuts, scrapes and burns. Aloe Gel Skin Relief™ is great to use in wintertime to protect your skin from the drying effects of winter’s wind and cold weather. Also, it is great to use in summer time to help soothe and soften your skin from the sunburn. It gently softens and moisturizes your skin. Available in 5oz value-size.

Perfect for winter dry weather. I get horribly dry skin during the winter, even with my humidifier going 24/7 Especially my legs & hands. I have been using the Aloe Gel Skin Relief daily and love it.

It works instantly to relieve dry itchy skin making it soft and less irritated. It even helps take away the redness associated with dryness.

Perfect for burns too, it would be smart to keep a tub in the kitchen.


Recovery Rub™ Pain Relieving Cream with 5% menthol temporarily relieves minor aches, pain of muscles and joints due to arthritis, simple backaches, sprains, strains and bruises. 

Recovery Rub can also be used before workout to help loosen up tightness, it has arnica to deliver relief to aching joints. Recovery Rub is highly effective, with cinnamon, sweet almond oil and sweet clover to balance the menthol and has a pleasant smell comparison to similar products. 

I really like the results I get with Recovery Rub. Sore muscles go away fast after applying and it doesn’t have that strong menthol odor so you can actually apply and leave the house. Keep a bottle in your gym bag, perfect for after a strenuous workout to relieve sore muscles.


All Terrain’s mission is to help children and families get active and outdoors, together. The company originated when a climber was hiking in Costa Rica and a bottle of DEET-based insect repellent he was carrying leaked. It ate through his backpack and melted the keys on a calculator he was carrying to figure out the exchange rate.  After that experience, he came home, researched and developed the effective, Deet-Free Herbal Armor™ Insect Repellent.  From this humble beginning, All Terrain moved to Newport, New Hampshire and now offers a broad range of safe, effective insect repellents, sunscreens, first aid, medicated skin care soaps and sanitizers to help people live more actively.


safe and effective products for you and your family, using natural ingredients

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Carolina Castile Soap

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IMG_0379 (1).jpeg

They aren’t joking when the first thing that pops up on their site is “Welcome to your new favorite soap!” After just one use you will fall in love. I did… I now use Carolina Castile Soap for everything. Hand washing, showering, hair washing and house cleaning. It not only smells wonderful it works great, no matter what you use it for you will wonder where it’s been your whole life. The lemon is my favorite. But they are all just as good, I just love the lemon smell.


Before I begin, do you wonder what Castile soap is?

What Is Castile Soap?

Learn about the versatility of this soap made from organic oils

The history of Castile Soap originates from the Castile Region of Spain. Castile Soap started off to mean strictly a soap made from Olive Oil. Castile Soap has evolved to refer to any soap made from the saponification of vegetable oils. You will notice that although all of our Castile Soaps contain olive oil, they also all contain coconut and any combination of other vegetable oils. Coconut oil gives soap a nice bubbly lather and is great for cleaning. We add in other oils for conditioning purpose and to give our soap body. We especially love to use cocoa butter in our soap. All of our soaps contain either mostly or all organic oils.

Read more here.


You can use Carolina Castile Soap for SO MANY THINGS…

  • Dish Soap

  • House Cleaning

  • Laundry

  • Shampoo

  • Body Wash

  • Hand Soap

  • Shaving Cream

  • and so much more

    and no matter what you use it for it works great.

    I clean homes for a living and only use natural cleaners, nothing already mixed up. My clients all love that when i’m done their house smells clean, not like chemicals.
    I mix 1 cup of Carolina Castile Soap with 32oz water in a spray bottle for all cleaning situations, counters, stove, sinks, toilets, showers, dusted surfaces and more. When done everything is sparkling clean and smells great, this is where the lemon becomes my favorite. I love lemon scent and so do my clients. It leaves their home smells crisp and clean like a slice of summer. I steam clean floors with just water, otherwise I would use this same mixture on floors. I have at my own home and love the results.


Castile Soap that is simply good, good for you, good for your family, and good for your home.

All Carolina Castile Soap products are certified organic by Oregon Tilth, a leading nonprofit certifier, educator and advocate for organic agriculture and products since 1974.

Carolina Castile Soap is available as a liquid in multiple retail and wholesale quantities, as well as bar soap for the home.

Make the switch to all-natural soaps for your home, and you’ll never go back.

Here’s a multiple-choice question you’ll love — pick one or more of our fresh-scented Carolina Castile Soaps for your home and personal needs. Available in orange, lemon, lavender, peppermint, tea tree, almond, soothing eucalyptus and gentle unscented.

Born in Raleigh, North Carolina to make your home and the world cleaner and healthier.

So many scents to choose from

  • Lemon Castile

  • Almond Castile

  • Lavender Castile

  • Orange Castile

  • Peppermint Castile

  • Eucalyptus Castile

  • and Gentle Unscented Castile


They also have this wonderful bar soap version, it’s mild and unscented and leaves your skin silky smooth. I love this in the shower.

You will want to use Carolina Castile Soap on everything so order a few. Perfect for holiday gift giving and stocking stuffers. But make sure you get a few for yourself. Get your house squeaky clean before the holidays with the cleaning mixture I mentioned above.

The Healthy & all Natural way to clean you and your home.


10% off everything in our store through the end of 2018 use Code: cast1810


Grow Fragrance

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Grow Fragrance has the perfect holiday time air + fabric freshener scent called Pine Forest. I love this scent. It smells just like pine tree’s. I’ve been spraying it around my house daily and feel like i’m in the forest. The scent Pine Forest has notes of resinous pine, cedarwood and warm amber. The best part it’s 100% plant based, toxin free and safe for anywhere in your home. Pick some up today, perfect stocking stuffers or hostess gift basket gifts.


Grow Fragrance isn’t like those other fabric fresheners with their fake smelling scents that just fill the air with a temporary yuck. Grow Fragrance actually smells great, it’s 100% plant based, Made in the USA, toxin free and Eliminate odors. I have a bottle of Grow Fragrance in every room of my house, the Pine Forest right now if my favorite. Since I put up my Christmas tree I feel like the Pine Forest scent is perfect, it makes me think my trees real and makes my house smell…. well like a pine forest…


Eliminate odors, freshen fabric, or set the mood

Each 5oz bottle contains over 500 sprays, easy to use, just make sure you unlock, shake & spray. Can be used on fabrics. Perfect for dog beds. Use 2-3 sprays for bathroom odors, 5-6 sprays for larger bedrooms or offices and a little more for larger or open spaces. I never use more than 6 sprays at a time and love the result I get. This is by far the best and only freshener you need. No more masking smells with fake scents. Perfect for the holidays.

Grow Fragrance offers one bottle at $12 or two for $20 and no matter what you buy they offer free shipping. Five scents to choose from. All perfect for Holiday Gift Giving.

Or buy the below variety pack for $18 these would be perfect to add into gift baskets.

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(but trust me you won’t return it)