Simple Side of Life is run by Shelly Rand (site owner) and Susan Wahl, a long time friend.
We both write honest and detailed reviews for companies and products we've tried. 

Both Shelly and Susan used to work together on a friend's site (that is now closed). 
Shelly started Simple Side of Life in October 2013 after missing the reviewing part of trying new products. 
She has continued working with the same companies from before, along with many new ones.
Susan started reviewing with Simple Side of Life on November 2015.
I am happy to have her here. She writes excellent reviews. 

Simple Side of Life brings our viewers honest reviews for new and exciting products which they may of otherwise never tried from companies of all sizes. 


Review Information

We host reviews for items we have tried. If you have something you would like reviewed please contact me at shellyrand@gmail.com. I will split reviews up so we both get a fair share. 

We ask if you would like to do a giveaway, you send the giveaway item to the winner at the end of the review. We will provide you with that persons mailing info. 

How We choose Reviews

We use RaffleCopter, that way everyone gets a chance to win. It's totally random and choosen by Rafflecopter. 


Simple Side of Life maintains in-depth analytics, including the following:

  • Activity Log
  • User's Geography
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  • Traffic Overview
  • Traffic Sources

Since these statistics change daily, please message me for an up-to-date copy.

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