Aurora Vaporizer Pen from dr. dabber

Sleek looking and easy to use vape pen KIT from dr. dabber

This is by far the best vaping pen I have used. 
Not only is it easy to use, it's also very well built. 
The charging device is awesome making this pen simple to keep fully charged. 
The BEST part... Since not all oils & waxes are the same, the pen kit includea
three unique atomizers to expand your range


The Dr. Dabber Aurora is a variable voltage, magnetic vaporizer pen designed with the user in mind. Fully Magnetic connection makes for a seamless user experience, three carefully calibrated heat settings allows you freedom to experiment, and a sleek, discreet satin finish keeps things low key. The Aurora is the next generation of vaporizer pen, pairing innovative features with Dr. Dabber's award winning 'low heat' technology. 

The Aurora releases the right consistency of vapors filled with good flavor.
Just make sure you use the right atomizer. 

  • 3 Heat Settings:
  • 3 carefully calibrated heat settings designed to enhance flavor for various consistencies
  • Snaptech Magnetics:
  • magnetic connection means no more threading, just a quick click to connect.
  • Choose your Atomizer:
  • Not all oils & waxes are the same, so three unique atomizers are included to expand your range
  • Dual Quartz Rod with Quartz Dish: Suitable for lower viscosity oils
  • Dual Ceramic Rod with Quartz Dish: Suitable for waxier oils
  • Ceramic Halo Heater with Quart Dish: Suitable for higher viscosity oils
  • Ceramic Mouthpiece:
  • Contoured ceramic mouthpiece designed for an ergonomic fit and optimal airflow
  • Ceramic Shotgun Mouthpiece:
  • New shotgun style tip helps improve airflow and prevent clogging.
  • Discreet Finish:
  • Satin black finish with gloss black logos for a sleek, low profile look.

Best pen out there. 
Since not all oils & waxes are the same, there are three unique atomizers included to expand your range.
This is my favorite part.