The Weekend Box ~ Premium Cannabis Gift Box ~ CBD

The Weekend Box is a unique product aggregator that brings together the top Vegas Cannabis products for one-stop shopping. The primary goal of The Weekend Box was to reinforce collaboration as opposed to competition among the Vegas cannabis brands and businesses. The Weekend Box allows multiple brands to present themselves to consumers without confusing or overwhelming them.
In order to have the most positive cannabis experience possible, The Weekend Box is an absolute must-have for Vegas cannabis tourists. The variety of products enables the customer to experiment with multiple ingestion methods, from edibles, to flower, and topicals too. Every box comes equipped with a full-color information pamphlet that is the Las Vegas Insider’s Educational Guide to Safe Consumption. The guide starts with a brief overview of what IS and IS NOT legal regarding cannabis consumption; i.e. Do not use in a public place. Each product has its own page with additional information, as well as tips and tricks for that specific item. The guide also encourages customers to consume slowly (particularly with the edibles), and even provides advice on how to handle (and counteract)
a less-than-pleasant experience.
While adult-use cannabis is now legal, there are still limits as to how much you can possess. For anyone who isn’t familiar with these laws (locals included!), The Weekend Box literally gives you one less thing to worry about. Everything about the box is compliant, from the individual products, to the labelling, and even the
custom-designed, state-mandated exit bags.
As you can see in The Weekend Box I received was packed full of excellent products and some some Select CBD that I very much enjoyed. 
My The Weekend Box ws CBD Only. 
The perfect New Year New You gift. 
Each product was in it's own square and under was black tissue paper. I loved he little The Weekend Box tin of lip balm included. The whole box was fun and exciting to open and look to see what each product was.
 In my The Weekender Box was
Bella you're the bomb Bath Bomb, Bella Stress Dissolving Bath Salts & Bella Crema Elegante
I love these Bella products
the Crema Elegante is my favorite. I use it everyday 
It leaves my face feeling and looking so smooth and tight where it needs to be. 
The Bomba da Bango bath bomb was the bomb. It left my skin silky smooth. 
Bella Crema Elegante is the epitome of quality,  comfort,  and medication — wrapped into one.   Having a full-body,  whipped texture paired with a light Italian Rose scent, this creme is the definition of luxury. This multi-purpose hydrating creme is formulated to repair the natural damage that occurs as we age. Combining patent-pending peptide complex, hemp-derived CBD, bioactive phospholipids, and a yeast extract complex - this creme firms, tightens, and increases elasticity for smoother, more even skin. 
Our Bomba da Bango is a burst of relief for the senses.This bomb will make your skin feel lusciously silky, but the true beauty in this dose of medicine is how you will feel overall! Hemp-derived CBD is blended with the purest essential oils delivering an invigorating experience for mind and body. Bella Bomba da Bagno comes in unscented - for those looking for pure medicated relief - and our Italian Rose scent, to stimulate your senses. 
Bella is reinventing the way the world views self-care with their campaign to bring you the finest CBD infused skincare and wellness line. The Sale da Bagno combines Himalayan Salt bath soak infused with the highest-caliber hemp-derived CBD to dissipate your bodily pains and wash away both your mental and physical anguish. The Bella Sale da Bagno comes in our timeless Italian Rose scent, or unscented for your pleasure and preference. 
A Swanky Party in Your Mouth: Glacé Chocolate Bonbons
Their chocolate bonbons are especially delicious with a fragile, dark chocolate shell surrounding a rich, slightly liquid chocolate center. They take a bit to take effect, and the high—while not overwhelming—was definitely present. I have bought these before from the a Nevada Dispensary
Cavi Tea is a therapeutic mixture comprised of Gotu Kola and pure distillate only. While commonly smoked, Gotu Kola is most known for being taken in the form of tea. With this unique combination, Cavi Tea is able to deliver mental stimulation as well as relief from physical and mental ailments. The tea bags themselves are made from abaca fiber and vegetable cellulose – making them all natural and vegan friendly, too!

The tea was refreshing and relaxing. It has a good lemon like taste. 

Focus - Spearmint CBD Vape Pen
This is by far my favorite CBD disposable pen ever. 
The spearmint taste is so pure and refreshing. 
I use this during the day to help me stay focused. 
.5 Gram CBD Vape Oil 100% Pure CBD Oil blended with Spearmint formulated to provide the exhilarating, clarifying benefits of medicinal CBD with an herbal lift.  
Each pen containes apx 150 puffs
The Weekend Box is packed full of CBD only products. The CBD box can not only be bought in dispensaries, but they can be purchased online at 
and it can be shipped directly to your door anywhere nationally.