New Windows and Some other inside things..... we're getting there...

All the windows are now replaced with new windows and screens. The window at the bottom of the stairs is glass blocks installed by Brock (was so proud of him) & one bathroom window will be with glass blocks but has not been completed yet (will be done this week)

The whole home was re-wired last week. The new breakers box was also installed out back. It's not done and won't be till after drywall goes up Wednesday (5/14) Right now we just have one plug in the house to use if we need power. 

We are starting to install installation we got half the bedroom done and all of the stairs, kitchen and bathroom area done. Now all the rest of the inside walls will be done tomorrow and Tuesday before drywall day. The pink installation we are only doing to cut down on sound in the home since it's so small, that way you don't hear someone on the bathroom or someone walking up and down the stairs. The rest on the walls is for holding the heat/cold inside and outside sounds. 
It's really hard to take pictures right now of the inside. There is SO much stuff all over just waiting to be installed.