More done... Move in soon...

Bedroom closet and main door installed, the main door still needs trim added around it and both need painted. knob also needs to be added to main door. I am also changing out the knobs to the closet door when I find ones I like. 
Bathroom vanity, lights & toilet were all put in. Mirrors, towel racks and toilet paper holder to come soon. 
Living room ceiling fan #3 finally added. We couldn't decide what fan to add since all were too low after install, so we finally settled on this one. Not my favorite but it will do. 

Move in Note:

No matter what we are moving in at the end of July. 
We won't have a completed kitchen till the middle of August (hopefully) but will have to make due. 
The stove/oven & fridge will be usable. I don't want to hook up the microwave (goes above the stove/oven)
so I will just buy a small microwave to use till kitchen is complete. 
Everything else will be done in the house before we move in. 
We are still waiting on Home Depot to deliver a few things like wall & door trim and the bathroom window. 
Once they are in the house will get finished up and we can start moving more in. 
So far we have brought a few loads over but they are all in the shed.  

I will add more pictures soon.