DRY Sparkling

Culinary-inspired sparkling sodas

DRY means less-sweet and flavor-forward. DRY Sparkling sodas have beautifully balanced flavor, but contain just four ingredients and about half the sugar of traditional sodas.


DRY Sparkling has to be the best soda I have ever had. It’s true to the name DRY and the flavors are just as stated. The bottles are pretty and the label backgrounds are beautiful. These aren’t your average soda, DRY Sparkling is like drinking a high end beverage packed full of flavors but with only four ingredients, one being cane sugar.

I received the six above DRY Sparkling sodas for review. My boyfriend Brock and I split them all minus Vanilla, I am not a fan of anything vanilla. I did taste it and thought it was good, but still didn’t choose to drink anymore then a taste. All were excellent, crisp and tasted just like the names… Vanilla, Fuji Apple, Cucumber, Watermelon, Blood Orange & Lavender -

both our favorite. Since trying we now purchase Cucumber at our local store, it’s the only flavor they carry and to us the most refreshing of them all, perfect for a warm day, or paired with curry dishes.

Perfect lightly sweet perfect for sipping, mixing into a cocktail or adding as the beverage to your favorite meal.


DRY Sparkling comes in 8 different flavors, 6 of those in bottles ( 2 bottles & cans), 2 in cans only. I know odd, lol not sure why they did this, but the bottles to me are the best. I love a nice soda in a glass bottle. I have never been a fan of drinking something from a can.

Those 8 flavors are below:


fuji apple

An apple a day keeps the boring away.

Full | Elegant | Crisp



Rosemary’s more beautiful, refined sister.

Floral | Balanced | Delicate


blood orange

Blood oranges are sweet, yet strong. Just like a good yoga teacher.

Tangy | Bright | Fruity



All the fun of watermelon, minus the seeds.

Cool | Refreshing | Juicy



Cream soda’s cooler cousin.

Smooth | Earthy | Aromatic



Cucumbers are nature’s spritzer.

Crisp | Fresh | Cool


rainier cherry

A good cherry tops everything.

Luscious | Ripe | Smooth



Bold and a bit spicy, like a good ginger should be.

Bold | Spicy | Full


DRY Sparkling sodas - lightly sweet, culinary-inspired sodas that are great for sipping solo, mixing up a seasonal cocktail or pairing with a holiday meal.