Infatuation A Novel of Questionable Taste by Jonathan Harries

“I set out to write a book that someone with a two or three-hour flight ahead of them could read and enjoy,” says Harries. “It doesn’t get into politics, it doesn’t expose the dark side of society. It requires very little thinking and, of course, a sense of humor.”


I don’t usually do book reviews. Since I only seem to read books that i’ve downloaded on my phone. But it was nice for a change to actually read a normal book~ with pages. Infatuation was both funny, fun to read. The book caught my attention from the first page and had me continuing reading until I was finished. It was hard to put down, I wanted to see what happened and get to the end, the constant laughing didn’t help and i’m sure my boyfriend thought I was odd, laughing out loud with a book in my hand. Great must read. Perfect weekend book, yes you can read this in a weekend, you will not want to set it down.


A belly dancer with a stolen book believed to be the Kama Sutra on steroids is determined to outwit the Italian mob's most deadly hitman, the dwarf, Nano Mortale in a new madcap adventure from Jonathan Harries, author of Killing Harry Bones. 

When Fanny Packer, a voluptuous belly dancer steals a mysterious codex, rumored to make the Kama Sutra look like a children's story book, from a mob family in Rome, total chaos ensues. Fortunately for Fanny, her secret admirer, Charley Brooks, will do anything to protect her from the mob's deadliest hitman, the hirsute dwarf, Nano Mortale. With the help of a dominatrix and traveling on an old bookmobile converted into a brothel organized by the Dewey Decimal System, Fanny and Charley make a desperate run from Los Angeles to Worland, Wyoming, where they hope to unlock the codex one position at a time.

Paperback for $14.95 and Kindle for for $3.99


About the Author

After a career that took him to over 90 countries and left him with the worst insomnia imaginable, Jonathan Harries retired last year as Chairman of FCB, one of the world's largest advertising agencies.

His passion for saving Africa's wildlife and his disdain for big game hunters was the subject of his first novel Killing Harry Bones, published in 2017.

Now, his second book, Infatuation - a Novel of Questionable Taste, will be available from July 6.
It’s once again features an eccentric group of characters, from a belly dancer named Fanny Packer with a stolen copy of a mysterious version of the Kama Sutra on steroids, a dwarf assassin sent to both retrieve the book and dispatch her, and her secret admirer who will do anything in the world to help Fanny.
Jonathan is passionate about saving wildlife and the humane treatment of all animals. Proceeds from Killing Harry Bones went to Mercy for Animals and other animal charities.

He lives in New York with his wife who loves going on safari as much as he does.