Day One of Demo Work 4/1/14

This was a den type room, it will now become the only master bathroom in the house. We might add a bathroom upstairs but not at this time. The window with the ac unit will be gone and the window that is being blocked currently by a staircase will stay and have a frosted glass added when replaced. 
Front Door & Living room area. This room will stay the way it is and size. It will just get updated windows, possibly door (if it fits in our budget and new drywall, paint and ceiling fan. 
Current bathroom. It's an odd room right now. Toilet & sink are in this 1st room, you turn the corner and there's a claw foot tub with wood walls. Sort of creepy. I would of been scared to shower the way it was. 
  • Our plan is to clean this tub up nice and redo the inside and paint the outside to re-use in the new bathroom.
Day one trash pile. We put in 3 hours on day one, got a ton done. I was very proud of us =)