Day four to yesterday 4/11/14

We took a few days off since I was exhausted after working my normal job during the day. But we got back in the swing of things and have the house to where we need it for the framer, plumber and electrician to start. Keeping fingers crossed that all happens next week so we can stay on track. 
Our family friend Andy will be framing the bathroom wall and walk in shower plus putting in new stairs (as you can see from the below pics the stairs are gone) after he is done the plumber and electrician will come in. The plumbing and electric will be completely re-done. The pipes were old and cast iron and the electric is very old, not grounded and we can't even put in a washer/dryer as it stands. So best to just re-do it all since the walls are down. 
Once the above is done we get to start sanding the floors, painting walls and tiling the bathroom. 
So excited it's coming along. I can't wait to move in. If all goes as planned we will be in by the end of the month. 
That wood with all the wires hanging off was the stairs, it's now gone minus the post, it's load bearing so we had to leave it till the new wall goes up, plus we didn't want to get shocked. The green tape is my bathroom laid out. The black box is my toilet next to it will be a walk in shower with 2 shower heads and the area with X is the vanity there will be 2 sinks. The triangle shape in the far left corner is the door, it will be at a angle like that we hope. We were eliminating the window above the toilet but now think we will keep it with frosted glass. I did get rid of the claw foot tub. It's sitting in the bedroom at the moment. I decided I don't like it. So I will sell it. Oh just in case your wondering the extra piece of wood on the floor is where we cut a crawl space for the plumber. The floor will all be tile when we get done. 
Right above those xxx will be the stairs. Behind the stairs will be a closet that will be part of the bedroom. There will be another closet in the bedroom. 
Almost done getting the linoleum up off the kitchen floor, such a pain. We had to buy a heat gun to help get them off.
Each time we go to the house we get about 5 done, it takes forever and they are so sticky.  
Trash pile is now gone. We had this amazing guy I found off craigslist haul it all away for $240, it was less about $200 but I gave him a tip for getting the job done so fast. We started a new trash pile as you see in the second photo and won't have that hauled away till were all done, just in case we have more and i'm sure we will. 

I will post more soon....