Our New House 

Our New Home
I will try and get a better outside picture when it's not so cold or dark. 
My boyfriend and I bought this home after a long month of going back and forth with the realtors, bank and appraiser. 
It's finally our's and now the fun begins. 

The home is only 870 sq ft. 2 story but the upstairs isn't good usable space (the ceiling are low) we are still using upstairs as a guest room. The whole home is being gutted. We are moving the bathroom to the other side of the house and adding all new windows, door and floors (minus the original hardwood in the kitchen, bedroom and living room. 

Most all the work will be done by us. We have so far spent 2 days on demo work. 
The plumbing, electric and windows will be done by licensed contractors we hired. 

Enjoy watching us make this home ours and as questions if you have any. 
I will try every few days to post updates and lots of before and after pictures.