Lot's more is done, but we had a major setback.....

Shower tile got done last week, minus the grout that get's done tomorrow. Also the bathroom floor tile (minus grout) 
We LOVE how it turned out. I was not liking the slate tiles when we bought them but after they were installed I was so happy with the results. I LOVE my new shower. Next week we hopefully will get the shower heads in and the rest of the bathroom done. 
Setbacks: We started to install our kitchen cabinets last week and found out the measurements were off on the window above the kitchen sink. So after almost a month of cabinets sitting around and the excitement of installing them all got shot down in an instant. The store took them back since the measuring wasn't our fault and we had to order new ones today from a different store. But now we are set back about a month or two. So disappointing but things happen. In the meantime we will finish up what needs to be done and start moving things in. I don't think I want to actually move in till the kitchen is in, but maybe that will change. 

Tuesday carpet gets here and blinds should be in this week or two. Things are coming together. I will post more pictures soon.