Bathroom Before & After Pictures

The bathroom is harder to do before & after pic's since the bathroom isn't even in the same spot as before. 
The stairs are now where the bathroom was and the bathroom is where one of the bedrooms used to be. 
I am posting all the old bathroom pics first and the new bathroom second. 
We love the way it turned out. 
This room used to be a sort of bedroom. But now it's the bathroom. The window with the ac unit is now the large glass block window in the shower area.

We found those old beer cans under the house. Ones still full of beer, lol not sure why they ended up in the bathroom, but they did!

The wall to the left of the toilet still needs trim. It's cut but we have all the trim in a pile and can't figure out what goes to what.

We still need to paint the trim & door and I need to add a mirror that moves out by the sink, so I can see myself.  
Other then that the bathroom is done.