We are FINALLY done.

It's been a while since I posted anything about our home. We've spent every weekend and day off doing small projects and adding things to our kitchen (you will see below) but for the most part we are done, finally. Today we had an appraisal, we hope it comes back way more then we owe, so all our hard work came to use. After a little over a year our house is how we want it and we love it. Now we are debating putting in a garage and driveway. We still need some rock outside in the back and down the sides of the porch, but otherwise it's done. 

Outside got a fresh coat of paint. Almost the same color as before just more up to date. The front porch cement was also stained. We added a fence, rock and new plants. I still want two red chairs to go out front, we just forget to get them every time we go to the hardware store. 

The backyard grass is doing good, the deck is all done and looks beautiful. 
Our trees are so green and shade most of the house. 
we forgot to paint the trim around the upstairs window

The kitchen got a pantry, tile backslash and a linen closet on the back of the pantry. 
Plus molding around the top and bottom of each cabinet. 
the next picture better shows the pantry

Linen closet and Desk area. 
The linen closet was a nice addition along with the above pantry. 
Both much needed add on's
Bathroom stayed the same. 
Our bedroom got a door leading up the stairs, this now makes our home a 2 bedroom. 

Upstairs got a closet and a good cleaning. 
That's our house.
Thank you everyone for following our long year of taking this older home from nothing to new. 
It was allot of work and many long days and nights. But we got it done. 
Our next goal is to add a garage and maybe rental property behind the garage, move the washer/dryer into the garage and add a half bath upstairs. We may end up selling before we ever do that, but it at least gives us 
something to look forward to. 
Now what will we do with all of our spare time.