BELLABE Facial Hair Remover Review & Giveaway


BELLABE Facial Hair Remover is a beauty tool based on the ancient art of hair threading. This ancient method involves the removal of unwanted hair with a cotton thread. However, unlike threading, Bellabe does not nick the skin. Instead, Bellabe uses a unique precision spring that allows the removal of unwanted facial hair from the roots safely and effectively.

After receiving my Bellabe it took me a few weeks before i get the nerve up to try it. I was a little scared that it might hurt or cause my skin to become irritated. I was wrong about both. I did have slight discomfort right after using my Bellabe but it went away within minutes. At first I had to use my Bellabe every 3 days for about 2 weeks after that I only seem to need it once a month if even that often. After the 1st two times I no longer have irritation. This is a great product to help reduce unwanted facial hair. Priced at only $16.99 each or 2 for $29.98 you can get one for yourself and the other as a stocking stuffer for a friend. Look HERE to purchase online it comes in a variety of colors so you can choose your favorite. 

With the purchase of your Bellabe facial hair remover is a leaflet containing instructions, diagrams for directions on usage, useful tips, simple cleaning and maintenance methods.

How Bellabe Works: 
Roll the handles inwards and outwards in a continuous motion. You will feel a plucking sensation as the hair is removed from the roots. Move Bellabe over the same area again and again, constantly turning the handles between your fingers until all hair is removed. 

Why choose Bellabe:
Unlike other products, Bellabe removes only the unwanted hair. Products, such as waxing, oftentimes removes a thin layer of skin, leaving the skin red and raw and potentially causing permanent scarring. Many bleaches and creams cause skin burns and hyperpigmentation. While laser hair removal works for dark hair; hair still grows back after a year or so despite the thousands of dollars spent on this method. One of the most common methods for hair removal is tweezing. While tweezing is effective, it is a tedious process that takes time and requires one to look in the mirror while removing each individual strand.

Unlike tweezing, Bellabe is designed to be used without looking in the mirror; and several strands of hair are removed quickly and easily with minimal discomfort or irritation. Bellabe does not cause scarring nor burning. It is a tool that simply removes hair from the roots without being harmful to the skin. Bellabe is convenient, inexpensive, and effective. With Bellabe, you can go over the skin area as many times as necessary without damaging the skin. In just one use, Bellabe pays for itself!

One Lucky Viewer will win their own Bellabe Facial Hair Remover.