Mohawk Valley Trading Company Review

Nothing makes me happier then waking up from a good night's sleep to the smell of buckwheat waffles cooking. 
If you've never had them before buckwheat pancakes or waffles with maple syrup are the best, they remind me of my childhood when my step Mom used to have
warm buckwheat pancakes or waffles made on the weekends. 
The taste is amazing compared to a "normal" pancake/waffle.
I think the buckwheat improves the flavor. ... They are good, lighter and airy in taste than traditional pancakes.
The mix from Mohawk Valley Trading Co is all Natural and super easy to use. Just add water, eggs and oil. 
Pair them with Maple Syrup and you have the best breakfast ever.
I never really liked Maple Syrup Mohawk Valley Trading Co's, it's a

100% Pure Maple Syrup, Grade A, Dark Color, Robust Taste
Just Delicious, not only good on pancakes and waffles but excellent added into recipes. 
Another yummy topper for these pancakes and waffles is Maple Sugar it's powered. 

Maple syrup is made from boiled tree sap, and maple sugar is made from the controlled crystallization of maple syrup. Heating and mechanical straining are the only forms of processing it goes though. It contains more trace minerals (including manganese, zinc and copper) and antioxidants than cane sugar.
Also honey is a great pancake/waffle topper. 
I prefer it sometimes more than syrup. 
Unfiltered, Unpasteurized, Unprocessed
Raw Goldenrod Honey is so sweet and perfect on breakfast items, in tea or alone from a spoon. 
I should of mentioned that breakfast is even better after getting a good night's sleep on a buckwheat hull pillow. I had never heard of these pillows until I was asked to review one.. Now I can't live without it. Not only does it keep you cooler at night but it forms to your head helping you sleep more comfortable and wake rested. No matter how you sleep, side, stomach or back this pillow will improve your sleep and make your days better. 

 Buckwheat hulls are hypoallergenic and if kept dry will not provide a suitable habitat for mold or insects.
They can be purchased in King, Queen, Twin/Standard and Small Size Hull Pillow.

Another great "bee" related product is Mohawk Valley Trading Co.'s Beeswax candles. Beeswax is literally created by honeybees from honey which is made from flower nectar. High quality beeswax candles are made from the melted and filtered caps that seal the honeycomb and the honeycomb itself.
Beeswax is one of the oldest sources of artificial light and today is still the most natural candle material.
100% Pure Beeswax Celebration Tapers are perfect for birthday parties. Not only do they smell great they look great on top any cake or cupcakes. 
All these items can be purchased on Amazon 

Welch's Superfruit Mix ~ Perfect Back to School Lunch Box Snack

Welch's Fruit Snacks come in 10 great varieties but my favorite is the
Pomegranate-Passion Fruit, Star Fruit-Kiwi, Dragon Fruit-Blackberry,
Açai-Blueberry and Goji–Apricot


Superfruit Mix
is made with fruit as the
 ingredient also they are

With buzzy flavors in every delectably chewy bite, Superfruit Mix will be your new go-to for summer snacking or back to school packing.

If you pack your kids lunch or want to just give them a yummy good for them snack pack a bag of Welch's Fruit Snacks in their backpack or lunchbox.
Also perfect for after school sports. 

  • Made with REAL Fruit
  • Fruit is Our First Ingredient
  • Gluten-Free
  • Colors from Natural Sources
  • Fat-Free              
  • No Preservatives
  • 10ct Box $2.99         

SmartyKat Cat Toys & Scratcher Review

If you have cat's SmartyKat products are a must. 
We have two cats and our home is full of SmartyKat products that they love. 
The toys though get played with by the dogs more then the cats.
I think they like the plastic crunchy sounds the below toy makes =)

SmartyKat Kicked Critter Kicker Plush Cat Toy

This toy is great for cats and in my opinion and my dogs.. for dogs too. 
It has the perfect crinkle sound and faux fur. 
SmartyKat kicked Critter kicker is an irresistible Jumbo crinkle toy to wrestle, hug & kick. This extra long plush attracts cats to play and when playtime is over, kitties love to cuddle up and nest with their kicked Critter.
  • Satisfies cats' hunting instinct
  • Faux fur entices your cat to play
  • Catnip & crinkle sounds to attract your cat
  • Eco-friendly: fiberfill made from recycled Plastic
  • Extra long: 15.25" long

SmartyKat Post Cat Scratchers

Perfect way to keep your cats from scratching furniture and carpet. 
My cats have three of these, one upstairs, one out on the back porch and one in the living room. 
They use them for all their scratching needs. One of the cats even sleeps at the base. 
They like the ribbons on top and the included toys that attach to the carpet area. 
  • Scratching is a natural behavior for cats. Cats scratch to fulfill a variety of physical and instinctual needs and because it feels good
  • Attached catnip toys and ribbons
  • SmartyKat Scratchers offer various combinations of scratch surfaces to please any cat and redirect natural scratching behavior away from furnishings
  • Allows for vertical scratching
  • 35.5" extra tall post with stable base
Great pet products from a great company. 

Hear Doggy.... goDog..... by WorldWise Dog Toy Review

WorldWise has these wonderful brands Hear Doggy & goDog that sell some awesome and fun dog toys. As you can see below my dogs have a whole ton of these great toys and play with them daily. 


Hear Doggy toys are great for play during quiet time. While we watch a movie or when I just don't want to hear that loud squeaker of normal dog toys I encourage my dogs to play with their Hear Doggy toys. We have three dogs so sometimes play time to get overwhelming with all the squeaking going on. 

Any pet lover knows that dogs love the feel and sound of “squeaky” toys, but enduring the high-pitched repetition in the wee hours of the night can drive  any pet-parent crazy!  
 Ultrasonic HEAR DOGGY!® toys are made with a squeaker ONLY your dog can hear!
Hear Doggy! plush toys give your pet the same sensation and enjoyment of
traditional squeaky toys without the irritating noise!
The science behind Hear Doggy!:
Dogs can hear sounds at a higher frequency (0 to 45 KHz) than humans (0 to 20 KHz).  Tuned to an ultrasonic range in the 24-28 KHz frequency, each Hear Doggy! squeaker is out of human hearing range,
but still fun for your four-legged friend.

These toys come in two sizes, small and large, my small dogs (all under 20lbs) prefer the larger ones. 
They are also super tough, other dog toys have been torn to shreds in our home, not Hear Doggy,
not a single rip or tear anywhere. 

CLICK HERE to find a store near you or use one of the stores below to order online...


goDog toys are tough toys with chew guard technology. These too have never been chewed up by our dogs unlike regular dog toys that they shred on day one. 
go dog has a wide variety of animals/characters to choose from. Your dogs will have endless amount of fun with these toys. 
The squeakers aren't that loud, just the perfect amount of
non irritating noise level. 

goDog™ is a fun lovin' brand from Quaker Pet Group featuring toys for dogs of all breeds and sizes. A wide array of goDog toys are available with tough Chew Guard Technology™. Chew Guard offers added durability to help toys stand up to tough chewers. goDog toys are bright and colorful! Check out all of the fun families of toys above.

Keto Krate Review & Giveaway



Keto friendly snacks to your door, monthly.
Keto Krate
is a great way to introduce
keto friendly snack into your life. 
All full size snacks along with $20 + in coupons. 




I had never tried the above items so it was nice trying something new. All 3 above products are now something I will buy, thanks to Keto Krate. The Real Bread I enjoyed a ton, it was nice having a bun on my burger for a change. 



The above snacks are all great on the go treats. Just throw one in your bag and eat when hungry. 




Out of all the Keto Krate snacks the Apple Cider Vinegar drink mixes were my favorite. I love anything with apple cider vinegar in it. 
Already ordered more. 
The Fat Snax Chocolate Chip Cookie was also EXCELLENT, best low carb cookie out there in my opinion. 


When you subscribe to Keto Krate you will receive:
8+ Keto snacks delivered every month
$20+ in coupon savings in each Krate
No contracts, cancel anytime
100% money back guarantee


I'm a huge Keto Krate fan. 
I look forward to the yellow box sitting on my front porch once a month. 
All the snacks are high quality, low carb and delicious. 
It's something new every month and usually something I have never heard of or tried. 
Since you receive discount coupons you can order the products you 

like online at a discounted rate. 
Give Keto Krate a try by clicking here.... You have nothing to lose, there's no contracts, 

cancel at anytime. 

Crispy Green The #1 Freeze Dried Fruit Snacks

Crispy Green sells the worlds BEST freeze dried fruit snacks. I could eat all 6 of these bags in one day.... I love them. To me it's almost better than eating a fresh piece of fruit. I tried them all minus the pineapple, since i'm allergic. The tangerines are my favorite. The taste and texture is amazing. If you leave them in your mouth for a second they pretty much turn back into original form. Best freeze dried snack ever.
Perfect for on the go, hiking, car trips or every day eating. 

Crispy Green Freeze Dried Fruit comes in the above flavors

My favorite Crispy Green Freeze Dried Fruit

CLICK HERE to find a store near you that sells these wonderful crispy fruit pieces....

Or Order ONLINE from Amazon HERE

Eco Nuts Organic Laundry Detergent Review & Giveaway


Do your laundry with soap berries...
Eco Nuts is a healthier cleaning option for your family and our planet through their 
non toxic organic cleaners in sustainable packaging


I was very skeptical when first trying Eco Nuts. Who would've thought that something this natural would clean your clothes? Not me...
I was amazed after the first load of laundry, I had to do another to make sure these small soap berries washed another load perfectly. In fact I got a full 10 loads of laundry perfectly clean with one cloth bag of 5. 
Everytime the clothes or towels came out clean, smelling fresh and as if I added fabric softener at the end of the load. After drying the clothes and towels still had a freshly cleaned smell. 
I was super impressed and like the fact that I can now use something so natural to wash my clothes, towels and bedding. 
Also the amount of money I will save using Eco                                                                                                                 Nuts vs. a traditional laundry soap or "pod".
                                                                         For $9.99 I can wash 100-loads of laundry. This is only 10 cents a load!


These odd looking “nuts” are actually dried berries from a tree that grows in the Himalayas. When agitated in water, they produce a naturally occuring surfactant called saponin, which gently cleanses laundry – an option for those sensitive to conventional laundry detergents.
Simply place 4-5 Eco Nuts in the provided cloth bag and toss in the washer with your clothes – they suds up naturally and act as a natural fabric softener in the rinse cycle. Clothes come out smelling fresh and clean and super soft.  Berries can be re-used up to 10 times making them a super-affordable option.
Use as a 2-in-one detergent and softener, or use with your existing detergent just as a fabric softener.

Multiple Award winning and certified USDA Organic by Oregon Tilth.  
As Seen on Shark Tank.

Note: if you are using an HE (front loading) machine, we recommend our Liquid Detergent. Eco Nuts soap nuts will get the job done, but the liquid works better and is specially formulated for HE machines.


I use my Eco Nuts in my HE washer and have had no issues, according to the above they will still work but the liquid works better. I think when I go to order next time I will order the liquid too and see if I can tell a difference. 
For now though I am happy with my Eco Nuts. 


Eco Nuts can be purchased in a 10 load trial size. Perfect for if you want to try out the product or give it to someone else to try. It is also lightweight and a perfect travel size for taking on trips.
It’s slightly smaller than a standard bar of soap.
100-load Medium size is incredibly lightweight and economical at 10 cents a load! Plus, they include two reusable cloth bags so you can do multiple loads at once.
360 Loads
Smaller than your average detergent bottle! *Super Saver* at 9 cents per load. This Box saves 11.25 plastic detergent bottles from a landfill.
With this product you’ll receive three reusable wash bags, instructions, and enough Eco Nuts™
for approximately 360 loads.
If you don't care what the box looks like and you still want the same great product, Eco Nuts is selling their "old" boxes, before they rebranded the packaging for a crazy cheap prices....
SEE HERE for these great deals. 

Enter below to win a 100 load box of Eco Nuts Organic Laundry Detergent

All Terrain Aqua Sport SPF 45 Lotion

All Terrain’s mission is to help people live more active, healthier lives.  The company originated when a climber was hiking in Costa Rica and a bottle of DEET-based insect repellent he was carrying leaked.  It ate through his backpack and melted the keys on a calculator he was carrying to figure out the exchange rate.  After that experience, he came home, researched and developed the effective, Deet-Free Herbal Armor™ Insect Repellent.  From this humble beginning, All Terrain moved to Sunapee, New Hampshire and now offers a broad range of safe, effective insect repellents, sunscreens, first aid, soaps and sanitizers to help people live more actively.
All Terrain has an awesome assortment of sunscreens for adult and children. This new formula is dimethicone free, oxybenzone free and praben free. All Terrain uses zinc oxide and titanium dioxide as safest active ingredients.  All Terrian is an awesome company that takes our health and the environment seriously. Thay have taken into consideration that areas like Hawaii have banned the sunscreens that include oxybenzone and octinoxate so their sunscreens are totally free of these ingredients. All Terrain believes that their sunscreens will perform effectively with them being safe and all natural .The one I have been using most recently is the All Terrain AquaSport SPF 45 Lotion Broad Resistant. This water resistant sunscreen will last for up to 80 minutes of swimming or sweating. This is so perfect for this summer. It has been so hot that we are always doing one of those activities. We love to go to the pool and while out in the water we are exposed to the sun and it's reflection off of the water. This sunscreen should be applied after you towel dry too. So if the kids are just jumping in and out and air drying them I reapply every 80 min. If they get out of the water and towel dry off then I reapply right away so they are safe while snacking and hanging out.
I have been also using All Terrain AquaSport SPF 45 Lotion outside when I'm in my garden. It's been getting into the 90s here and I trust this sunscreen to protect me even through the sweat. I know it sounds gross but when out in this kind of heat doing anything you are bound to break a sweat. You  need a sunscreen that won't just fade away easily. 
I really love this All Terrain sunscreen for so many different reasons. Of course I love that it works!! LOL Aside from that it is so thick and rich. When you apply it, it feels like you are applying a luxurious lotion. It is creamy and leaves your skin feeling so soft and nourished.  It's awesome how it solves two of my major summer issues. My skin gets super dry in the summer heat so All Terrain sunscreen heals my dry skin as well as protects it from the scorching rays.
All Terrain Aqua Sport SPF 45 Lotion Broad Spectrum is no slip, dry grip sunscreen. It also does not smell like a yucky medicine or your typical sunscreen. This improved formula is oxybenzone free and fragrance free which is perfect for anyone who is scent sensitive. I tend to be picky about what I rub onto my skin because a lot of lotions can irritate or cause itchy rashes. This Aqua Sport Sunscreen gave me no negative reactions. It's perfect!!

All Terrain always has great deals on their products. So make sure you follow them on all of their social media sites.

You can find the entire line of All Terrain products on their website!!

People's Choice Beef Jerky Review & Giveaway & Discount Code


If your looking for the perfect Father's Day gift look no further. 


You can tell all the jerky from People's Choice Beef Jerky is made with care & love. Handmade in downtown Los Angeles, California. Everything has the freshest taste and texture. All perfectly dried, not tough, just perfectly tender like jerky should be. The flavors are outstanding. Our favorites being the Garlic Ginger and Hot & Spicy. 

You can purchase People's Choice Beef Jerky from individual bags, beef sticks and boxes. 
The boxes make perfect Father's Day gift
Birthday gifts, graduation gifts or just perfect for someone who wants to try a little bit of everything
or has a sweet tooth (they have a box for different likings) 
You can choose to send or purchase for yourself the box or bags or jerky once or pretty much as often as you would like.  It's a little cheaper if you send or purchase as a recurring order (save 5%)
I actually have The Health Nut Box & one of each flavor in the Beef Sticks on recurring order. 


All this wonderful jerky pictured came in the One-Of-Everything Jerky Sampler Box and starting on 6/5 you can get 15% this and all orders from People's Choice Beef Jerky. 
To celebrate National Jerky Day, (June 12th.) 
Customers are able to save 15% using code JERKYDAY2018 on all online orders.

The People's Choice Jerky Boxes are a great way to sample a variety of our delicious, handmade jerky snacks. Each jerky gift basket is curated with our best beef jerky. Look no further for the ultimate beef jerky gift for
Father's Day, Valentine's Day, Birthdays, Christmas, and beyond! Who wouldn't want a beef jerky valentine box? Make that special man in your life (Dad? Boyfriend? Husband? Man Crush?)
feel extra special by giving him the gift of beef jerky.
This is the ultimate beef jerky sampler basket! Give the Gift of LA's Original Snack Food.
The One of Everything Box is the ultimate jerky gift and the best way to sample our full variety of handmade, premium jerky snacks. From mild to spicy, healthy to sweet, this box has it all and will surprise and delight both jerky lovers and novices alike. This sampler box features 12 delicious products from the fan-favorite Classic line, Tried & True Old Fashioned line, exotic Carne Seca line, and adventurous Tasting Kitchen line. Each box comes with one of the following, for a total of 12 items:

  1. Old Fashioned Original Beef Jerky - 2.5 OZ 
  2. Old Fashioned Hot & Spicy Beef Jerky – 2.5 OZ 
  3. Carne Seca Limón con Chile Beef Jerky - 2.5 OZ 
  4. Tasting Kitchen Garlic Ginger Beef Jerky - 2.5 OZ 
  5. Tasting Kitchen Sweet Chili Habanero Beef Jerky - 2.5 OZ 
  6. Tasting Kitchen Orange Honey Teriyaki Beef Jerky - 2.5 OZ 
  7. Tasting Kitchen Cowboy Peppered Beef Jerky - 2.5 OZ 
  8. Classic Teriyaki Beef Jerky - 3 OZ 
  9. Classic Hot & Spicy Beef Jerky - 3 OZ 
  10. Sea Salt & Black Pepper Beef Stick – 4.0 OZ 
  11. Flamin’ Hot Beef Stick – 4.0 OZ 
  12. Honey BBQ Beef Stick – 4.0 OZ 


You can't go wrong with beef jerky, what Dad doesn't like it. 
People's Choice Beef Jerky makes gift giving easy. 
The jerky (if you order a gift box) will come in a nice jerky themed box, ready to give just the way it is, all the jerky is inside with some brown paper shreds. 
There's FIVE boxes to choose from:
Simple & Savory ~ Mild Jerky
Sweet Tooth ~ Sweet Jerky
Some Like it Hot ~ Spicy Jerky
Health Nut (Keto Approved) ~ Healthy Jerky
One-Of-Everything ~ Jerky Sampler

Best Beef Jerky Ever


KETO KRATE Review & Giveaway


Last months Keto Krate was once again packed full of goodies. 
My favorite item was the Free Range Chicken Jerky and the Palmini Noodles. 
Everything else was excellent, but something I have already tried in the past or currently purchase. 
This krate was packed full of a variety of items, from snacks, tea mixes, sweet treats and perfect on the go snacks. 
I am a HUGE Keto Krate fan. 
I like the variety of items you receive ( 8 plus items per month)
That there is coupon codes included in each krate
and you can cancel anytime, there is NO contract. 


I'm addicted to Palmini. I can't eat pasta, both for keto reasons and for stomach issues. So Palmini is the BEST alternative ever. I use it for ALL my pasta needs. 

Palmini, 15 Calories, 3g of Carbs, Vegetable Pasta

Made from Hearts of Palm.


dairy-free, no soy, non-GMO, no wheat, no eggs, no yeast, no sugar, no corn, no carriers, no artificial flavors or preservatives.

Perfect on the go keto snack. 
These pumpkin seeds are wonderful
the flavors great and the cure a salt craving. 


Green Olive Snack Packs  Lemon & Oregano

I like taking these Olive Snack packs hiking. 
The olives are delicious. 
The flavors are awesome. 
Many to choose from, check out
GAEA's website to order.



Free Range Chicken Peri Peri Style Bar
Perfect on-the-go Peri Peri Style snack bar!
Free Range Chicken Peri Peri Style Bar packs 13 grams of protein into a portable package that you can take anywhere!


Eat right out of the bag.
Creamer for your coffee.
Use them to make a fatty drink.
Great in recipes.
Convenient and re-sealable for getting your
fats on the go!




A creamy, delicious taste with rich dark chocolate includes nutritious raw ingredients with omega-rich superfoods to keep you glowing from the inside out!


Mocha Grass Fed BurnButter
Treat yourself to The World's Best Butter

We believe our farms produce the richest milk in the world, which makes our grass-fed cow’s milk butter taste distinctively better. Frankly put, we believe we make The World's Best Butters. 

Excellent in Coffee. 





Yummy all natural savory crisps
Perfect alone or with avocado dip

Comes in Hemp, Caraway and Sesame


Hoosier-Style Chicharrones
Hinton’s Pig Chips in our Signature Original seasoning blend. This is where it all got started, right in the Hinton household kitchen. An intense blend of garlic, cayenne, and a few other key herbs and spices. Not truly spicy, but just enough kick to leave a little tingle on the tongue.


Chocolate Fudge Energy Pods

Chocolate is a house favorite at Ketogeek and is a good source of potassium, phosphorus and magnesium. We wanted to have chocolate... every day! And, we did! However, we prefer to find the most flavorful cocoa that is used by top tier chocolateurs and artisan crafters to bolden our recipe. Once you try our product, you won't be going back to regular over-the-counter cocoa any more! It was only a matter of time till we infused chocolate with ghee and MCTs to create an energy dense powerhouse. Lastly, we're picky about the most miniscule details and decided to use real vanilla beans instead of extracts or powders which are mostly fillers, alcohol or carbs(eg. cornstarch). What can we say... we love the classic, traditional and premium style.

The Tea For Health Benefits

Improve Gut Health
Sustain Energy
Reduce Stress

Perfect to take on the go
Throw some in your purse and take them along
I drink one of these every day. 
Best tea's ever. 


Keto Nut Butter
Salted Caramel 
A versatile Meal/Snack that’s packed with high quality Collagen Protein and extremely low in TOTAL carbs WITHOUT using fillers, preservatives or “bulking” agents. We achieved this by using ingredients of superior quality resulting in each product being a WHOLESOME 25g in size. A NUTRITIONALLY DENSE meal or snack containing 12 and 13 grams of protein respectively and a very low 2 grams of TOTAL carbs.

Signup for Keto Krate and receive 8+ different Keto friendly low carb snacks, shipped directly to your door every month

Mighty Spark Food Co. Review

If you have never tried Mighty Spark Food Co products you are missing out. This wonderful company just made a customer for life. Since receiving the above for review I have now ONLY bought Mighty Spark Food Co meat products at my local store. They are the BEST, FRESHEST and Tastiest products you will ever buy. You can tell they are made with love and care. 

Remarkable Food

Remarkable Cause
1 Pack Purchased by you = 1 Meal Provided by Mighty Spark



Below are some of the Mighty Spark Food Co. items I tried:


 You will receive 2 Fresh Beef Patties per box. 
Each individually wrapped like shown in the picture. 
It's made of a tri-blend of steak masterfully mixed with just a hint of salt and pepper to set off the natural flavor of the beef.
Try and taste why this is our #1 selling item.
Also available in a 1 lb. ground blend.


PictureCooked version, this is my boyfriends plate not mine =)

I could of ate every one of these in one sitting. But I had to control the urge and only have 2 1/2
I was able to make 2 breakfast meals with one pack. 
You will receive 2 individually wrapped packages per box, each containing 5 of these awesome sausages. 
I don't even know if there's words to describe how good these were. 
Just get some and try for yourself... You too will LOVE them. 

Conveniently pre-cooked, these breakfast sausages are a great choice. Packed with bacon, egg and cheddar cheese, it’s a complete breakfast all rolled into one sausage. Added benefit – there’s only one dish to clean when you’re done.

The first and by far the BEST Mighty Spark product we've tried. 
We did eat this ALL in one night. I made spaghetti and added it on top.  Plus we sampled some plain. 
This roll sausage is truly loaded with prosciutto and seasoned perfectly. Would be great on sandwiches, by itself or on pasta like I served it. 
The best Italian Sausage you will ever try. Moist, packed full of flavor, easy to cook (grill, bake or pan fry) We grilled ours and it turned out perfect. 
Right off the Grill

I know my pasta noodles look odd, that's because I don't eat pasta, those are hearts of palm slivers.

YES, you read that right... Macaroni & Cheese and YES... they have Macaroni & Cheese inside them. 
I wish I would of broke one in half & taken a picture. As you can see to the left the cheese is trying to escape, what you can't see is the macaroni noodles inside. 
As I stated above,
I don't eat pasta, due to tummy issues, but I dealt with those issues and gave these a try. 
Any adult or child would love these
smoked hot dog links.

You get a package of 6, already cooked hot dogs. I heated mine on the grill. 

The Freshest, BEST meat you will EVER try. Once you try Mighty Spark Food Co products you will try no other.

Score Free Iced Tea on National Iced Tea Day with Lipton

Start Your Engines! 2018's Must-visit Route 66 Road Trip Gems For Your Summer Bucket List Are Here, Powered By Lipton And TripAdvisor 
Road Trippers Invited to Experience the Best of Iconic American Highway the Weekend of National Iced Tea Day (June 8-10)

Kids are out of school so let the road trippin' begin. 

Just as families are revving up for the summer travel season, Lipton, the iconic tea brand, is collaborating with TripAdvisor, the world's largest travel site, to share "2018's Route 66 Road Trip Gems" – a list of must-experience attractions for families to check out this summer along one of America's most historical highways.
Lipton worked with TripAdvisor and its database of more than 600 million traveler reviews and opinions, to curate a list of the route's most notable spots for vacationers of all ages. Tapping into the beauty of the road trip by focusing not on the end destination but the actual journey itself, the list of stops includes fan-favorite diners, the best places for grab 'n go snacks, and the perfect locations to snap a roadside selfie.
If you've never done a road trip across Route 66 you should. It's lots of fun, beautiful and packed full of awesome adventures along with great spots to eat. Why not go during TripAdvisor and Liptons kick-off to the much anticipated start of summer, Lipton is launching this "Refreshingly Road Trippin' with Lipton," an event that will take place the weekend of National Iced Tea Day, June 8-10, that invites consumers to experience – and taste – some of the best of the Route 66 road trip experience.
The first event of its kind will offer visitors the opportunity to get a full Route 66 one-stop-shop sensory experience – from the taste, smells and even "selfie-worthy" sights of the all-American road trip. Event attendees will be refreshed with Lipton Iced Tea, including the recently launched Lipton Iced Tea with a Splash of Juice in three juicy flavors – Berry, Tropical and Pear & Peach – paired with classic American roadside fare inspired by some of the famous stops on the 2018 Route 66 Road Trip Gems list. The spots on the list, can be viewed at, and include Bernardi's II Restaurant (Pontiac, IL), known for their mouthwatering fried chicken, and Le Roy's (Monrovia, CA), known for their generous portions and pastrami covered Le Roy's burger, in addition to:
I haven't been to all the above but I have visited a few, my favorite and close (hour 1/2 drive) from my house Westside Lilo's Cafe, if you go the banana cream pie is a must. 

Jigg's Smoke House

Big Texan Steak Ranch
Cozy Dog Drive In
The Chili Parlor
Britten Leaning Water Tower

Ollie's Station Restaurant

Singing Road
Meramec Caverns
Old Riverton Store
Westside Lilo's Cafe

What a fun way to start off June ~ 8th-10th

The three-day experience will also feature memorable activities, such as the revealing of the town's first Lipton mural and renaming the Route 66 highway "The Lipton Highway" for the weekend. The classic Route 66 experience will occur in the charming town of Pontiac, IL, located near the start of Route 66 and home to the Route 66 Association Hall of Fame and Museum.
"The city of Pontiac is all about bringing families together to celebrate the adventures that happen on road trips," said Ellie Alexander, the Tourism Director of the City of Pontiac. "Lipton has been there with us during those moments and we are overjoyed to celebrate National Iced Tea Day with Lipton and encourage travelers to get out there to make great memories with their family and friends while exploring all road trip attractions,
such as Pontiac, across the U.S.A."
Consumers who can't make it to Pontiac, IL for the event can still help Lipton celebrate National Iced Tea Day on June 10. The brand is giving away free Lipton Iced Tea 20 oz. bottles (any flavor) to the first 100,000 consumers who register on
If you haven't tried these yet, don't wait, they are super yummy. 
(Walmart & Amazon sells them)
Iced Tea with a Splash of Juice in three juicy flavors – Berry, Tropical and Pear & Peach

GLOW Sparkling Infused Beverages Review & 6 pack giveaway


I was able to try both GLOW Sparkling Infused Hydration & Energy Drinks in
Spicy Watermelon & Mango Apricot.
I have to admit, the Mango Apricot is the best.
I was not a huge fan of the Spicy Watermelon, but then again I am not a huge watermelon fan.
The drinks need to be super cold when you drink them, they are best that way. 

I didn't realize this before reading more into it but..... GLOW was decided as the name, because under black/ultra violet lighting, the liquid learn something new every day. 
I wish I had a black/ultra violet light to give it a try. 

The black labeled GLOW are Sparkling Infused Energy drinks. With only 15 calories per bottle and 14 grams carbs, these  are perfect for most all ways (diets) of eating. 
GLOW Sparkling Energy is a Premium Energy drink that contains vitamins, electrolytes and other unique ingredients that helps your body stay energized without the chemicals and synthetic ingredients in common energy drinks.I really enjoyed the taste of the Mango Apricot, the Spicy Watermelon wasn't bad, but I did seem to have a watermelon taste in my mouth for hours and kept burping watermelon taste. 
So when I go to buy GLOW in the future I will stick to the Mango Apricot. 
GLOW Energy has a refreshing not to sweet taste, they don't give you a big kick of energy, but just enough boost/pick me up after a long day. 
Make sure you drink one ice cold, it just tastes better that way.

GLOW Sparkling Infused Energy was created to give you the boost you need to GLOW from the inside out. This great tasting Spicy Watermelon & Mango Apricot flavored version includes; GLOW’s proprietary infusion of antioxidants and vitamins, is only 15 calories and includes Coffee Bean Extract & Milk Thistle & Prickly Pear Extract. Order today and feel the GLOW.
- All of the benefits of the hydration formula
- Added Caffeine (Coffee Bean Extract & Vitamin B-12)
- No artificial flavors, sweeteners or colors. 
- Light, Refreshing taste
- 0 Sugar & Low Carbs
- Milk Thistle used to protect the liver
- Prickly Pear for fiber, vitamin C and antioxidants

The white labeled GLOW are Sparkling Infused Hydration drinks. With only 15 calories per bottle and
13/14 grams carbs, these  are perfect for most all ways (diets) of eating. 
I again really enjoyed the taste of the Mango Apricot, the Spicy Watermelon wasn't bad, but it wasn't my favorite. 
GLOW Hydration has a refreshing not to sweet taste, perfect for a
hot day or when you just need to be hydrated. 
Make sure you drink one ice cold, it just tastes better that way.

We took ours out on a picnic over the weekend. I just kept them in the cooler full of ice. 
They were very refreshing after a long walk to the perfect lunch spot. 

- Unique Vitamin Formula
- Rehydrates vital organ functions
- No artificial flavors, sweeteners or colors. 
- Light, Refreshing taste
- 0 Sugar & Low Carbs
- Milk Thistle used to protect the liver
- Prickly Pear for fiber, vitamin C and antioxidants
GLOW Sparkling Infused Hydration was created to give you the boost you need to GLOW from the inside out. This great tasting Mango Apricot & Spicy Watermelon flavored version includes; GLOW’s proprietary’s infusion of antioxidants and vitamins, is only 15 calories and includes premium ingredients like Milk Thistle & Prickly Pear Extract. Order today and feel the GLOW.

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GLOW Sparkling Infused Beverages
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Petlinks Dog Bed Review

My girls love their Petlinks Soothing Gel Memory Foam Pet Bed
It's so big all three can cuddle together in one. 
We have 3 of these wonderfully soft beds around the house. Our dogs are spoiled. 
Even the cats love sleeping in them. 
The Petlinks Soothing Escape deluxe cuddle pet bed with gel memory foam cushion reduces heat retention and conforms to your pet's body contours. Gel beads cool and comfort while memory foam supports and relieves achy joints. The color of the plush cover is natural with gray corduroy sides. The cover is also removable and machine washable. Available in medium and large sizes. Eco advantage: Our reclaimed memory foam mix is made of shredded leftover remnants from foam manufacturing, keeping waste out of landfills. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Petlinks therapeutic pet beds help relieve join pain and ease tired muscles by evenly distributing your dog's weight to help rejuvenate him while he rests. Convoluted foam's distinctive bumps both cushion and support, while memory and gel foams conform to your dog's unique shape, alleviating stress on aching pressure points.
The Petlinks Soothing Escape Deluxe Cuddle Pet Bed comes in two sizes,
Medium ~ 23" x 24" x 6" 
Large ~ 32" x 31" x 8"
When I was cleaning I stacked the beds up to clean the floor. I guess Maddie was tired, she climbed right up and ended up falling asleep like this. Goofy dog, it must of been extra comfy with two beds and some blankets. 

Soft and plush cover is also 
machine washable

Advanced gel memory foam provides cooling comfort and conforms to your pet's body contours, supports joints and relieves stress on
pressure points
Superior cushioning ideal for dogs with achy joints and muscles

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Baby Organic from Natures Paradise Review

Natures Paradise
safe skin care made with natural aroma & ingredients

I love these natural baby products. Not only do they work great but they smell wonderful. 
These products are perfect for Mother's to be gifts. All babies and Mother's will love them. 
They contain high quality, healthy and effective products. Leaving your hands and your babies skin silky soft. 
Did I mention they smell wonderful, because they do. 
Baby Organic Line is a high quality, luxurious, healthy and effective line of skin care for baby's. Made with only raw, organic and natural ingredients that are food grade and completely safe for everyday use, gently caring for the the delicate skin of even the most sensitive skin types for our precious babies.This line is designed to help give relief from cradle cap, eczema, diaper rash, itching, dry, scaling, cracked and
flaky skin conditions. 

Our healthy, high quality and expensive ingredients will provide only the best natural care for your baby. We are proud to use food grade ingredients because we believe what you put on the body is just as important as what you put in the body.

Moisturizing Lotion
Shampoo & Body Wash
Shea Butter Relief Cream
If you have dry hands, you won't after using this on your baby. It's wonderful for dry, chapped skin. Works fast and soothes that stiffness from dry skin. 
Baby Oil

You can purchase 6 Baby Organic products in a set for $99.99

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IVS Pet Vitamins & Supplements

International Veterinary Sciences
is a proud member of the National Animal Supplement Council and shares one very important thing in common with pet owners: a strong passion and love for those
four-legged companions.
Everyday my three dogs get all 3 IVS products. 
I have noticed a huge difference in their skin & coat and my dogs are all more active. 
My mini dachshunds I feel benefit the most from  the Arthramine, it's excellent for their joints. 
All 3 dogs two mini dachshunds and a shih tzu take their IVS vitamins with no issue. 
I like the fact that IVS Vitamins & Supplements are made u
sing the highest quality Human-Grade standards and ingredients all MADE IN THE USA and in GMP and FDA facilities, IVS products are both effective and safe.
Arthramine® Bone & Joint Care
Arthramine is an all natural canine supplement which promotes joint health and functions while helping to build, protect, and repair cartilage.
Lipiderm® Skin & Coat Care
Lipiderm is a specially formulated blend of vitamins, minerals, and omega acids which promote a healthy, moisturized skin and coat. Lipiderm® offers a unique blend of Omega 3 and 6 from Anchovies and is made in the USA in FDA and GMP certified facilities in Southern California.
Arthramine Max Healthy Joints & Bones Glucosamine
An all-natural canine supplement designed to promote joint health and function, it also helps to build, protect and repair cartilage in dogs of all ages. The max formulation includes glucosamine, bromelain, manganese, omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin C, plus chondroitin, hyaluronic acid, MSM and green shell mussel, which is the perfect blend of nutritional support to provide real-life benefits in both active and senior dogs. Working to greatly relieve joint stiffness, pain, inflammation and discomforts, it’s like an extra boost of vigor for dogs of all ages and activity levels.

All the above products can be found at a pet store near you.... CLICK HERE to find the closest store. 

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Petlinks Cat Toys & Scratcher Review

Petlinks Cat Toys & Scratchers 

The second I took Katy's Petlinks Scratcher's Choice Scratching Pad out of the box she stood on it. I had to kick her off just to open it up. I guess she was happy just getting the box. We have a few of these around the house, always have, Katy loves them. She is good about not scratching our furniture or carpet. She's been that way her whole life, she's in her senior years now. Our other cat Duncan would rather get in trouble on a daily basis scratching luckily just the carpet, he spares the couch and loveseat. 


Duncan was very interested in the cardboard toys. He lost interest quickly but Katy continued to play with her toys and scratch pad for a while. 

Scratching is normal behavior for cats to mark territory, stretch, reduce stress and remove irritating loose claw sheaths. Scratcher's Choice+ corrugate scratcher simulates the roughness of tree bark, a surface cats often scratch in nature.
Place scratchers near your cat's food bowl, favorite resting spots and frequent scratching targets to help deter inappropriate scratching on furnishings, drapes and rugs.
Regularly adding catnip to the corrugate attracts your cat to scratch and maintains your cat's interest over time.
We recycle post-consumer and post-industrial cardboard to make our
high-quality corrugated scratchers.
Consumers love that these scratchers help save their furniture,
keep cardboard out of landfills and are 100% recyclable.


The cats also received the above
(and on the side)toy from Petlinks but unfortunately Molly our mini dachshund didn't think they deserved it.... the eyes lite up and I guess that was Molly's sign to destroy. She got ahold of this small toy and within minutes it was dead. Poor cats had no chance of playing with it. 

Molly and Maddie both dachshunds have ate ALL the cardboard toys that the Petlinks Scratching Pad came with. 
Poor cats never get to
have any fun. 

ALL Petlinks products can be purchased online at stores like 
Amazon, Petsmart, Petco or Chewy
or at your local pet store. 

Ultima Replenisher Review, Discount Code & Giveaway

Ultima Replenisher is certified Vegan, Autism Approved, Paleo Friendly, Keto Friendly, Gluten-Free and made with
Non-GMO ingredients.



Ultima Replenisher is the best 0 calorie, 0 sugar & 0 carbs electrolytes & support minerals. Perfect for after a workout, hot day or when you need the Ultima Replenisher. Even though they are all good the Cherry Pomegranate is my favorite. 
I like that Ultima Replenishers contain NO high fructose corn syrup & no artificial anything. 

 Ultima Replenisher are passionate about providing you with the best and most complete hydration product in the world. We believe too many drinks are loaded with sugar, too much salt and/or an array of artificial colors, dyes and preservatives. Ultima’s combination of balanced electrolytes allows for rapid re-hydration without blood sugar spikes or stomach upset so you can feel and perform your best.


electrolytes, pure + simple
Replace electrolytes and hydrate healthy with Ultima Replenisher — made with all 6 balanced electrolytes plus support minerals, real fruit flavors, plant-based colors, sweetened naturally with organic stevia leaf extract and no sugar, carbs or calories, ever!

Ultima Replenisher Electrolyte Powder comes in three ways...
Single Serve Packets or 30 & 90 servings container. 
In four different flavors. 


6 Electrolytes + Support Minerals
Vegan, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Caffeine-Free, Keto-Friendly, Paleo-Friendly, Peanut-Free
Ultima contains a perfect balance of all 6 electrolytes plus support minerals that work together to provide complete hydration without stomach upset so you can feel and perform your best. Ultima is sweetened with stevia leaf and made with real fruit flavors that taste delicious. This formulation contains Vitamin C (Calcium Ascorbate) which supports a healthy immune system, protects the cells from oxidative stress and contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. Calcium to support muscle contraction and nerve function. Phosphorus to deliver oxygen to muscles, Selenium as an antioxidant support, Zinc for recovery and neuron support, Magnesium for preventing muscle cramps, Potassium for cardiac muscle support, Sodium for muscle contraction and nerve function and Chloride for osmotic pressure support.**
**These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.



Get your hydration on-the-go with these handy single-serving stick packs! Ultima Replenisher contains a perfect balance of all 6 electrolytes plus support minerals that work together to provide complete hydration without stomach upset so you can feel and perform your best.**






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Ultima Replenisher


SUGAR FREE! Freshen Your Breath Instantly For 5 Full Hours!

Breath Rox work so good, it's AMAZING
Plus they taste great, are sugar free and don't leave any odd aftertaste in your mouth. 
Just pop a few in your mouth, they will crackle and pop freshen your breath and taste like
peppermint, orange or watermelon.
Bad breath or food smelling breath gone instantly and stays away for 5 hours. 

7 servings per container and only 3 calories per serving. 


Pop in the mouth.
Let crackle till they melt.
Swish around gums with tongue.


Sweet without the sour!


Fresh and wintery with a bright cool finish.


Starts out watermelony and finishes with a lime citrus twist.
Watermelon was our favorite. 
My boyfriend everytime he tried them said they reminded him of those
popping candies he had as a kid. 
We both were very impressed how fast they freshened our breath and
how long the freshness lasted for. 
Excellent, good tasting product. My second favorite part (besides the taste) the fact that there was no aftertaste. Just fresh breath. 

Ready Set Prom

Prom season is here.... Are you ready?

The dress, shoes, tuxedo…all are ready! Though the night’s plans are set, there’s still so much to do to prepare. From hair removal to clear skin – w heave the best, and sometimes unexpected, recommendations for a memorable evening. 

Some items to help you get ready for that special night.....

Prom can be a stressful time and breakouts are common. Help get rid of acne fast so your skin looks it's best with AcneFree Terminator 10 Acne Spot Treatment. This product is an acne spot treatment ideal for breakouts that need targeted, fast action. Contains Ginger, Chamomile and Sea Whip extracts. Cover the affected area 2-3 times a day. Ideal for whiteheads. Formulated with 10% Micro-Benzoyl Peroxide, the advanced ingredient reaches down to the pores fast and deep to fight acne.
Works fast to target the areas you need help with. 
Get clear acne free skin in time for your special night. 
Buzz away unwanted hair. 
The new gold-standard in women’s facial hair removal, Flawless instantly and painlessly sweeps away unwanted hair with a new spinning technology destined to make painful plucking or waxing obsolete. Flawless is so gentle it can be used every day without risking redness or irritation to skin, and
there is no downtime waiting for regrowth to remove hair.
Mask away imperfections. Your skin will thank you after using Vichy face masks. 
Prep skin for the day you have been waiting for with Vichy Mineralizing Masks. If you have troubled skin, reach for the Mineral Pore Purifying Mask to de-clog pores. Dry Skin? Go for the Quenching Mineral Face Mask to instantly increase hydration. If you need a little extra boost, go for the glow with the Double Peel Mask.
A must... for beautiful hair

Wake up with flawless hair... Is that even possible.. with shu uemura art of hair essence absolue nourishing taming overnight serum it is... I've been using this product for a while now and love it. Your hair will look it's best ever. 

To ensure gorgeous locks for prom night, start your hair routine the night before by enhancing strands while you sleep. This hair treatment works overnight to deeply nourish your locks, allowing you to wake up with strong, soft touchable hair perfectly primed for your prom style of choice.

Spritz Down There 
After showering and drying off, prep your lady bits for your big night out. Did you know you have the same sweat glands in your armpits and your intimate area? So, spritz the night away with DeoDoc’s pH-balanced, intimate deodorant... it’ll leave you feeling clean and fresh all night long.

Make Prom the best it can be, worry less and have fun. Let the above products help you make that possible.