Petlinks Cat Toys & Scratcher Review

Petlinks Cat Toys & Scratchers 

The second I took Katy's Petlinks Scratcher's Choice Scratching Pad out of the box she stood on it. I had to kick her off just to open it up. I guess she was happy just getting the box. We have a few of these around the house, always have, Katy loves them. She is good about not scratching our furniture or carpet. She's been that way her whole life, she's in her senior years now. Our other cat Duncan would rather get in trouble on a daily basis scratching luckily just the carpet, he spares the couch and loveseat. 


Duncan was very interested in the cardboard toys. He lost interest quickly but Katy continued to play with her toys and scratch pad for a while. 

Scratching is normal behavior for cats to mark territory, stretch, reduce stress and remove irritating loose claw sheaths. Scratcher's Choice+ corrugate scratcher simulates the roughness of tree bark, a surface cats often scratch in nature.
Place scratchers near your cat's food bowl, favorite resting spots and frequent scratching targets to help deter inappropriate scratching on furnishings, drapes and rugs.
Regularly adding catnip to the corrugate attracts your cat to scratch and maintains your cat's interest over time.
We recycle post-consumer and post-industrial cardboard to make our
high-quality corrugated scratchers.
Consumers love that these scratchers help save their furniture,
keep cardboard out of landfills and are 100% recyclable.


The cats also received the above
(and on the side)toy from Petlinks but unfortunately Molly our mini dachshund didn't think they deserved it.... the eyes lite up and I guess that was Molly's sign to destroy. She got ahold of this small toy and within minutes it was dead. Poor cats had no chance of playing with it. 

Molly and Maddie both dachshunds have ate ALL the cardboard toys that the Petlinks Scratching Pad came with. 
Poor cats never get to
have any fun. 

ALL Petlinks products can be purchased online at stores like 
Amazon, Petsmart, Petco or Chewy
or at your local pet store.