All Terrain Aqua Sport SPF 45 Lotion

All Terrain’s mission is to help people live more active, healthier lives.  The company originated when a climber was hiking in Costa Rica and a bottle of DEET-based insect repellent he was carrying leaked.  It ate through his backpack and melted the keys on a calculator he was carrying to figure out the exchange rate.  After that experience, he came home, researched and developed the effective, Deet-Free Herbal Armor™ Insect Repellent.  From this humble beginning, All Terrain moved to Sunapee, New Hampshire and now offers a broad range of safe, effective insect repellents, sunscreens, first aid, soaps and sanitizers to help people live more actively.
All Terrain has an awesome assortment of sunscreens for adult and children. This new formula is dimethicone free, oxybenzone free and praben free. All Terrain uses zinc oxide and titanium dioxide as safest active ingredients.  All Terrian is an awesome company that takes our health and the environment seriously. Thay have taken into consideration that areas like Hawaii have banned the sunscreens that include oxybenzone and octinoxate so their sunscreens are totally free of these ingredients. All Terrain believes that their sunscreens will perform effectively with them being safe and all natural .The one I have been using most recently is the All Terrain AquaSport SPF 45 Lotion Broad Resistant. This water resistant sunscreen will last for up to 80 minutes of swimming or sweating. This is so perfect for this summer. It has been so hot that we are always doing one of those activities. We love to go to the pool and while out in the water we are exposed to the sun and it's reflection off of the water. This sunscreen should be applied after you towel dry too. So if the kids are just jumping in and out and air drying them I reapply every 80 min. If they get out of the water and towel dry off then I reapply right away so they are safe while snacking and hanging out.
I have been also using All Terrain AquaSport SPF 45 Lotion outside when I'm in my garden. It's been getting into the 90s here and I trust this sunscreen to protect me even through the sweat. I know it sounds gross but when out in this kind of heat doing anything you are bound to break a sweat. You  need a sunscreen that won't just fade away easily. 
I really love this All Terrain sunscreen for so many different reasons. Of course I love that it works!! LOL Aside from that it is so thick and rich. When you apply it, it feels like you are applying a luxurious lotion. It is creamy and leaves your skin feeling so soft and nourished.  It's awesome how it solves two of my major summer issues. My skin gets super dry in the summer heat so All Terrain sunscreen heals my dry skin as well as protects it from the scorching rays.
All Terrain Aqua Sport SPF 45 Lotion Broad Spectrum is no slip, dry grip sunscreen. It also does not smell like a yucky medicine or your typical sunscreen. This improved formula is oxybenzone free and fragrance free which is perfect for anyone who is scent sensitive. I tend to be picky about what I rub onto my skin because a lot of lotions can irritate or cause itchy rashes. This Aqua Sport Sunscreen gave me no negative reactions. It's perfect!!

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