Mohawk Valley Trading Company Review

Nothing makes me happier then waking up from a good night's sleep to the smell of buckwheat waffles cooking. 
If you've never had them before buckwheat pancakes or waffles with maple syrup are the best, they remind me of my childhood when my step Mom used to have
warm buckwheat pancakes or waffles made on the weekends. 
The taste is amazing compared to a "normal" pancake/waffle.
I think the buckwheat improves the flavor. ... They are good, lighter and airy in taste than traditional pancakes.
The mix from Mohawk Valley Trading Co is all Natural and super easy to use. Just add water, eggs and oil. 
Pair them with Maple Syrup and you have the best breakfast ever.
I never really liked Maple Syrup Mohawk Valley Trading Co's, it's a

100% Pure Maple Syrup, Grade A, Dark Color, Robust Taste
Just Delicious, not only good on pancakes and waffles but excellent added into recipes. 
Another yummy topper for these pancakes and waffles is Maple Sugar it's powered. 

Maple syrup is made from boiled tree sap, and maple sugar is made from the controlled crystallization of maple syrup. Heating and mechanical straining are the only forms of processing it goes though. It contains more trace minerals (including manganese, zinc and copper) and antioxidants than cane sugar.
Also honey is a great pancake/waffle topper. 
I prefer it sometimes more than syrup. 
Unfiltered, Unpasteurized, Unprocessed
Raw Goldenrod Honey is so sweet and perfect on breakfast items, in tea or alone from a spoon. 
I should of mentioned that breakfast is even better after getting a good night's sleep on a buckwheat hull pillow. I had never heard of these pillows until I was asked to review one.. Now I can't live without it. Not only does it keep you cooler at night but it forms to your head helping you sleep more comfortable and wake rested. No matter how you sleep, side, stomach or back this pillow will improve your sleep and make your days better. 

 Buckwheat hulls are hypoallergenic and if kept dry will not provide a suitable habitat for mold or insects.
They can be purchased in King, Queen, Twin/Standard and Small Size Hull Pillow.

Another great "bee" related product is Mohawk Valley Trading Co.'s Beeswax candles. Beeswax is literally created by honeybees from honey which is made from flower nectar. High quality beeswax candles are made from the melted and filtered caps that seal the honeycomb and the honeycomb itself.
Beeswax is one of the oldest sources of artificial light and today is still the most natural candle material.
100% Pure Beeswax Celebration Tapers are perfect for birthday parties. Not only do they smell great they look great on top any cake or cupcakes. 
All these items can be purchased on Amazon