Classroom Friendly Supplies Review & Giveaway


A "must have" for every teacher. . . . . . . . . Very true but also a must have for every home. I love my new Classroom Friendly cool blue pencil sharpener. It has a great retro look that brings me back to grade school, having to raise my hand just to get permission to sharpen my pencil. Do kids now a days even know what it means to sharpen a pencil, or better yet, how to sharpen a pencil? They will now!

Classroom friendly supplies states this is the quietest classroom pencil sharpener and I will state that is 100% true. Not only is it quiet but the sharper is also very easy to use. 

  • Automatic stopping once the perfect point is formed. This prevents over-sharpening.
  • Works on standard sized pencils.
  • Clear plastic disposal tray for easy cleaning.
  • Easy to use (as young as 5 years of age.)
  • Sturdy metal frame (approximately 3"x 3"x 5")
  • Portable or mounts to a surface. Clamp included.

Classroom Friendly Supplies Pencil Sharpener come in 5 cool colors. Groovy Green, Cool Blue, Firehouse Red, Midnight Black Precious Pink so you can pick your favorite color to use in your home or give as a gift to your child's teacher. 

One Lucky Viewer of my review will get to win their own Classroom Friendly Supplies Pencil Sharpener