Snack TAXI Reusable Snack & Sandwich Bag Review/Giveaway


Everyday I bring a snack to work with me and if I think about it 5 days a week times 4 weeks, that's 20 plastic bags I am throwing away. Not only is that bad for the environment but bad when it comes to trying to save money. 

I was happy glad to get to review Snack TAXI ~ cloth reusable sandwich and snack size bags. Each is made from different color soft 100% cotton outside and the inside is lined with polyurethane coated nylon. All are washable and have a Velcro closer.  They are made in rural Massachusetts in a workshop by talented local sewers. 

Snack Sacks neatly fits rice cakes, pretzels or corn chips, and is equally good for carrots or celery sticks! Dimensions: 6" W x 4.5" H . . . . . . . The Snack Sacks come in a wide variety of colors, patters and prints and are only $7.95 each. Just think of how much money you will save in a school year alone with one child. 

Sandwich Sacks is the perfect fit for a generous sandwich, bagel or wrap, or a hearty snack! 
Dimensions: 7.5" W x 6" H . . . . . . . Also in a wide variety of colors, patterns and prints and only $8.95 each

My new Sandwich Sack comes in handy daily and is now making me feel better about my step in helping the environment

Here are some special hints when caring for your Snack TAXI

It's anything goes when it comes to washing your snackTAXIs. They can be machine washed (we recommend unscented detergent) and dried in the dryer, or simply rinsed with water and air dried.

We recommend emptying them after each use to prevent food oils from being absorbed by the fabric, which happens over time.

If sacks get really mucky, or have absorbed some food oils, we've found that a soak in boiling water with mild (unscented) soap followed by drying in the hot sun or hot dryer works well!

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