My Fairy Tale Books Personalized Children's Books Review & Giveaway


Fairy Tale Books allowed me to review a holiday personalized children's book, but since my kids are grown and not have their own kids I asked Roxy Sauces to review the book for me. 

I remember getting these books for my kids when they were young. I always thought it was such a cute idea to have something so personalized. It makes the child know they are part of the book they are reading or that is being read to them. Adding there name and information about them throughout the book makes it special. 

Roxy made her SANTA book for her niece Shay, she will be getting her Fairy Tale Personalized Book for Christmas. It's a perfect book for boys or girls ages 3 to 10 years old. The book is 24 pages long and full of colorful holiday pictures. The cover is Santa and with a smiling reindeer. Throughout the book Shays name is mentioned along with other information Roxy added when personalizing her book. 
Questions like First Name, Gender, Hometown, Friends and Dedication are asked. Once filling out the form My Fairy Tale Books transformed an amazing Santa Book for Shay. 
It's a trip to the North Pole and a wonderful holiday wish-come-true as Santa gets ready for Christmas.

After being awoken by a reindeer, your child is asked to fly to the North Pole to solve a big problem. Once arriving, Mrs. Claus offers some candies and treats and then gives a tour of the workshop. Then Santa explains that there is one important ingredient missing from every single gift in the shop...Love! Only your child can help put the love in the presents for all the children of the world.

My Fairy Tale Books has numerous Holiday and Religious Books to choose from. Let your child learn about religion and celebrate the many holidays in these Personalized Children's Religious & Holiday Books. 
They can take a trip with Santa to the North Pole or pick a costume for the Purim festival. 
These books bring the joy of religion and the holidays to life.
Each book is only $11.95 an excellent way to make an extra special gift for the little ones in your life. 

TWO Very Lucky Viewers will get a chance to personalize ANY book My Fairy Tale Books sells. Good Luck Everyone. . .