Handi Hanger Review & Giveaway


What do you do with all your plastic grocery bags? 
I use my Handi Hanger to reuse mine as trash bags. 
For years I have used my plastic grocery bags in my bathroom trash cans
but never really used them in the kitchen. I didn't have a way to secure them properly to keep them wide open except by putting them in a small under the kitchen sink trash can. Sometimes that was messy and all the trash didn't always make it into the bag & can. 
I was lucky to get a Handi Hanger to review and found the solution to how to secure my grocery bags to use in the kitchen. Not only does it make throwing out trash easier it saves me money to not have to purchase bags. 

We all know we have tons of plastic grocery bags sitting around. Now you have a way to use them all up and stop buying trash bags. Both saving you money and saving the environment. 

Installing your Handi Hanger is simple and takes about 5 minutes 
Step 1: Measure Handi Hanger position and check clearances Step 2: Mark Hole location and install screws Step 3: Start Hanging your FREE plastic bags

Simple and Easy
Saves you Money
Better for the Environment
Use Under the Kitchen Sink, Bathroom, Laundry Room or Garage
or Anywhere you need a Trash Bag
Only $8.99 for One, $12.99 for Two & $24.99 for Five
Purchase Online Here 
EXCELLENT Holiday Gift Giving Idea

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