Review & Giveaway


I was so happy when Live-Inspired allowed me to host a review for them for their Story Lines books. They are super fun Illustrate-Your-Own-Books! Made just for children. 
Anything that get's a child's creativity flowing is an excellent product. I love how your child can take a book that already has a story in it and make it their own with pictures. Just think of how much fun your child will have. When they are finished they have something they thought up (pictures) to show off to friends and family and something they can treasure forever. 

Story Lines books are hardcover books that measure 9.25" H x 9.25"W and cost only $9.95 each. Perfect for Holiday gift giving. Kids have the unique power to see the possibility in blank pages. The hardcover books are designed to foster their creative potential. Each book contains the text for the exciting story, which kids bring to life with their imagination because they get to be the illustrator. Your child will create the cover, and they will decide what the pages will look like. 

I received two books from Live-Inspired the first one was Our Crazy Dinner. When the broccoli starts growing taller than you are, you know you're in for a strange meal. Draw this larger-than-life adventure complete with a river of milk chocolate chip cookie rafts! 
Your child will start with the 1st page About Illustrator, where they will fill in their name, age, hometown, the craziest thing they have ever done, favorite dinner and what food they wish the world was made out of. 
Then the creativity begins they will start to draw on each page according to what their imagination see's from the words they read. 

The second book I received is called Me and Giant Kangaroo. Giant Kangaroo is always game for a day of travel. Picture Giant Kangaroos leaping over volcanoes, bounding over islands and making it all the way to Egypt before bedtime. 

All the books from live-inspired make great gifts to bring out the best child. Check them out you will start someones imagination rolling. 

Once your child finish up the books, Live-Inspired invites them to submit their art and share it with the world! Just click HERE to do so.  

One lucky viewer will receive a Story Lines book from Live-Inspired. Good Luck Everyone.