Kernel Season's Review


Kernel Season's Popcorn seasonings are a great way to flavor your popcorn. 
I always thought popcorn was boring unless it was drenched in butter, but I knew that was bad for me so I would all together avoid popcorn till I found Kernel Season's. 
Now you can make your popcorn taste like pretty much anything you crave. 
Kernel Season's offers numerous flavor powders like Bacon Cheddar, Garlic Parmesan, Milk Chocolate Caramel and Kettle Corn just to name a few. 
Your popcorn will never be boring again. 
All the Seasoning Shakers are low calories when looking online I didn't notice any that were over 10 calories. This is great for someone watching calories but needs a little something extra. Plus a little goes a long ways when seasoning your popcorn with Kernel Season's. Just shake a little in your bowl of popcorn, toss it around and you now have seasoned popcorn. 

Not only can you use Kernel Season's on popcorn but it can be used in many recipes. Look HERE to see all the yummy things you can make with the seasonings. 

Kernel Season's would make for great stocking stuffers. You can also use them in a popcorn lovers gift basket. Get a cute popcorn tub, bags of microwave popcorn, Kernel Season's shakers and wrap it all up. 

You can buy Kernel Season's online HERE or it's sold in your local markets. You can find one near you by clicking HERE I noticed online if you buy $40 worth of products shipping is free