The Mood-Factory Review 


Mood Factory's mission is to Improve Mood's. They do that with light bulbs in different colors. Each color does a different thing. I think this is a great concept and since receiving my Mood Factory bulbs I have noticed a difference. I put my "Renewal" Green bulb in my front entry and noticed a welcoming sense when coming into my home at night. 

The different mood's that Mood Factory wants to improve are:

Happiness: Bright Yellow Provides Joy and Cheer Like the Sun.

  • Insert a ‘Happy’ colored light bulb in your doorway or foyer to create an atmosphere of hospitality.
  • Make a sunroom come to life with ‘Happy’ colored lighting in the overhead fixture.
  • Position a ‘Happy’ in the breakfast room to brighten the family meals.

Energy: A Vibrant Orange Brings Life and Energy.

  • Infuse your workout room with extra vitality by adding an ‘Energy’ orange colored light bulb.
  • Place an ‘Energy’ colored light bulb in the corner of your workroom to keep the projects moving.
  • Pop in an ‘Energy’ at your office to remind you to keep working through the day!

Passion: Red Brings Feelings of Excitement & Passion 

  • Turn on ‘Passion’ in the dining
    room when you want to invite
    romance to dinner.
  • Position a ‘Passion’ in the kitchen
    to promote zeal and enthusiasm in cooking.
  • Add some ‘Passion’ during your favorite sporting event party to
    support team colors and fun.

Serenity: Light Blue Associates with Calmness, Stillness & Serenity 

  • Utilize a ‘Serenity’ in a restaurant
    to create a calming atmosphere for guests.
  • Arrange an accent light with ‘Serenity’ next to your bath to soothe and unwind.
  • Move ‘Serenity’ to your favorite meditation or yoga spot to encourage deep relaxation.

Sassy: Is Associated with Feelings of Courage, Confidence & Spunk

  • Add some ‘Sassy’ to your dorm
    room to show your fun-loving style
    and attitude.
  • Add some ‘Sassy’ to your front porch during October for Breast Cancer Awareness, showing support to those that fight the disease.
  • Add some ‘Sassy’ to your office space to give you that needed confidence boost and dramatic flair.

Renewal: Green is Associated with Growth, Fruitfulness & Renewal

  • Add ‘Renewal’ in your entryway to
    set a mood that welcomes you and your family home.
  • Promote a sense of rejuvenation
    by having a ‘Renewal’ in your study
    or library.
  • Put a ‘Renewal’ in a unique shade
    to show off your individual style.

Creativity: Purple Brings Imagination & Inspiration

  • Bring to play ‘Creativity’ in your child’s room to generate a place of magic.
  • Include ‘Creativity’ in the studio to be inspired to new artistic heights.
  • Apply ‘Creativity’ to your spiritual room to aid in original and inventive thoughts.

Tranquility: Dark Blue Associates with Spirituality, Cleanliness & Tranquility

  • Situate the Tranquility in your
    garden to transform it into a spiritual and reflective oasis.
  • Set ‘Tranquility’ in your meditation room to aid in calm and stillness.
  • Leave a childlike lamp with ‘Tranquility’ in your baby’s room to support good rest.

Look for a Lowe's Store near you to buy Mood-Factory Lights and Change the Mood in your life!