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KidSwitch is the safest way for children to turn lights on and off. 
It's a switch extension that helps toddlers reach the light switch without having to stand on a stool or push something over to the wall to assist them. 
It's also a great way to teach your kids to save energy, with 
lights off habits. 

Perfect for Bedroom, Bathroom or Playrooms. 

KidSwitch is a glow-in-the-dark light switch extender,
that can be used with either toggle or decora style light switches. 
KidSwitch can be installed and used on any single, double, triple,
or more toggle or decora style switch plate.
(For decora switches, the adapter is required).

KidSwitch extends down 12" from the switch, allowing toddlers to
safely reach and operate room lights.

To install on a toggle switch, you only need a screwdriver!
Remove the existing switch plate screws,
and replace them with the KidSwitch screw sets.

To install on a decora switch, no tools are required!
Simply peel and stick the adapter and then
snap the KidSwitch into place!

To operate and turn the light on -
simply push the moon handle up.

To turn the light off -
simply pull the moon handle down.

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