Pork Chomps Review & 2 Winners Giveaway


               Pork Chomps are The World’s Most Perfect Chew for dogs. 
Pork Chomps are more digestible than rawhide because they are made from skin not hide. Rawhide was just an inexpensive byproduct of the cattle industry, and virtually has no flavor on its own. That is why most rawhide is basted, stuffed or sugarcoated, in order to interest pets. Pork Chomps are also better than rawhide chews for dogs because of Scott Pet’s proprietary, patented expanding process wherein 70% of the pork’s fat is removed, creating a more natural dog chew that is a cleaner product with reduced grease and odor.
Pork Chomps are naturally delicious; that’s why dogs chose them 9 to 1 over ordinary rawhide in an independent taste test.

My dogs Molly & Jacky love their Pork Chomps treats. Molly smelled right through the package when it arrived. I set the box on the ground and opened it up, Molly grabbed the 1st bag and tried to run off with it. She was in puppy heaven. After opening the whole box up and seeing what Pork Chomps sent us I gave the girls each one treat. After about a week we figured out they both love the Pork Chomps Bacon Mini Twists. My dogs are small, both under 15lbs so they have smaller mouths. The Bacon Mini Twists were as they read "mini" they are the perfect size for small dogs mouths. You get 30 twists in a package for $7.99 I think that's a great value and each twist last my dogs each a few days. They are bacon flavored chew and the best part is they don't stain your carpets, like some dog treats I have purchased in the past. 

My dogs other favorites were the Pork Chomps Baked Stripz they too are smaller for little dogs mouths. The package just contains pig skins, nothing more so you know what your dog is chewing on. I love that these treats have no odor. They make for a perfect baked treat for your dog. The 10oz bag comes packed full of treats for only $14.99 if you have dogs like mine this bag will last for a long time. 

Molly my mini dachshund loves the Pork Chomps Premium Mini Sweet Potato Twistz, Jacky likes them too but any treat that contains sweet potatoes makes her throw up. So we try our best not to give them to her. This treat contains real sweet potatoes that are wrapped around pork skin. Your dog will enjoy this treat. 12 come in a package for $11.99 and like all the other treats they last for some time if you have smaller dogs. 

I was very impressed with all the products I/my dogs received from Pork Chomps. I like that they are what they say on the package, making for a healthy treat for your pets. Everything Pork Chomps sells is 100% Rawhide Free. Pork Chomps has been around since 1975 creating innovative products that help pets lead quality lives. That is also their goal.

Reasons why Pork Chomps are better then Rawhide's:
Even if your dog doesn’t seem to have problems with rawhide, it doesn’t mean he’s feeling his best. Rawhide, which is nearly impossible to digest, stays in the system for days, seriously gumming up the works. It’s uncomfortable – and in some dogs, it can cause severe blockages, which require surgery.
Thankfully, you can give your dog what he loves without sacrificing his digestive health.
Laboratory tests show that Pork Chomps are much easier to digest than rawhide, dissolving up to twice as fast as rawhide in dogs’ digestive enzymes.

Pork Chomps can be purchased online or from many local retailers near you. You can click HERE to find a store near you. 

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Molly my mini dachshund enjoying her Bacon Flavor Mini Twist.