The Lovely Candy Company Review & Giveaway



Lovely Candy Company was started when Jackie asked her husband, Mike,  to go on a quest to find her favorite candy... licorice. Here's was a special request. It had to be consciously crafted with select ingredients, gluten and gmo free. What began with licorice, evolved into additional family favorites. The Lovely Candy Company was started with hopes to sweeten a lovely wife's' and families' world - and your's too!

I love Lovely Candy Company because I can now eat a super yummy gluten free treat.
Not only is the candy gluten free it also contains  
No soy, corn, wheat,artificial anything!

I have a sweet tooth from time to time and love to be able to eat a candy I know is good for me and ok to eat. Most all sweet treats I find are not gluten free. You all know I do my best to eat gluten free. So when I came across Lovely Candy Co.'s 
I fell in love. 

Each bag contains individually wrapped sweet Caramel goodness. They are not sticky like some caramels I have had and each is apx. 40 calories (for those of you that count calories) When you unwrap the cute lovely wrappers you can smell a sweet caramel treat that you can't wait to pop into your mouth. You will fall in love with the first one like I did. I love caramels and now I absolutely love Lovely Candy Co.'s Caramels. 
Not only do they sell Caramels they also sell:

* Chocolate Swirl Caramels

* Fruit Chews (Apple, Cherry, Blackberry)

* Super Fruit Chews (Cranberry, Raspberry, Blueberry)

Each candy is true to it's name. The Fruit Chews are sweet and very fruity. I am usually not a fan of fruit treats but these are yummy. I like to suck on them as if they were a hard candy, lol they sort of melt in your mouth. I have limited myself to 4 candies a day. If I had it my way the whole bag would be gone in one sitting. I did put some out in a bowl on my living room table for when my kids were over. Both my son's girlfriends loved them. They asked where I got them. I sent one of my son's girlfriends back home to Canada with a small bag full. She was happy. 

You can purchase all of Lovely Candy Co.'s treats ONLINE or at a STORE NEAR YOU. 
Online right now is offering 25% off and FREE SHIPPING, just in time for Valentines Day. 

Enter Below for your chance to win all 4 bags of Chews. 
Good Luck Everyone!