Caesar's Pasta ~ Gluten Free & Wheat Free Pasta & Entrees Review


If your like me and eat Gluten Free you will love Caesar's Pasta dishes. I have been taking one with me to work for lunch almost every day for the last few weeks. Each meal has an excellent fresh just made taste. 
I love anything pasta, but since eating gluten free I have stayed away from pasta dishes. Most all gluten free pasta is gummy or hard when cooked. 
I am not sure what Caesar's does but their pasta is EXCELLENT. 

A little about Caesar'sWE UNDERSTAND... Because of our intense passion for food, and our personal understanding with food allergies and intolerances, Caesar's Pasta continues to express our commitment in offering a variety of products that ALL consumers can safely enjoy.
Celiac Disease and other gastrointestinal issues prohibit many people from enjoying the timeless tradition of an Italian meal and we worked diligently to create great tasting, appealing pasta specialty meals for those on a gluten free diet.  It is really important for consumers to both like the food they eat and trust it; with our 42 years experience in the pasta industry, people can be assured that we use only the finest ingredients and are true to our brand.

To ensure the safety of our gluten free and wheat free items, our products are third party tested.  Although the government regulation is 20 parts per million, Caesar's tests consistently result in LESS THAN 5 PARTS PER MILLION FOR GLUTEN !  This is the result of our ongoing commitment and strong manufacturing practices. 

My favorite of all the Caesar's meals is the Stuffed Shells with Marinara sauce, at only 370 calories you won't have any guilt for eating it. The sauce has a homemade taste, with a few chunks of tomatoes. The shells are laying in the sauce stuffed full of ricotta cheese. This is a perfect lunch with or without a salad. 

Caesar's makes lots of other great Gluten Free dishes: Manicotti in Marinara Sauce, Cheese Lasagna, Vegetable Lasagna, Vegan Potato Gnocchi, Vegan Spinach Gnocchi, Chicken Lasagna, Beef Cannelloni in Marinara Sauce, Cheese Ravioli and Beef Ravioli, they are all excellent. 

Click HERE to find a local store near you that sells Casear's Pasta dishes. Or you can order online HERE. 

No matter if you are eating Gluten Free for health reasons or just to help with migraines like I do, 

you will love adding Casear's Pasta to your diet. 

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