Core Bamboo ~ Flower Bamboo Salad Bowl Review & Giveaway


I love salad and what makes salad even better then serving it in a beautiful bowl. 
Core Bamboo makes some wonderful salad bowls from bamboo that will make any salad look wonderful. 
Even the pickiest eaters will want salad when it's presented in this bowl. 

My new Core Bamboo Flower salad bowl is used everyday in my house to serve salad along with every meal we eat. The design of the bowl and the pretty lime green color go great with my dishes and looks so pretty sitting on my counter. When it's not in use (during the day) it sits out just as a accent piece on my kitchen counter. I can't wait to use my Flower Bamboo Salad Bowl in my new home. It might have to become a permanent fruit bowl, since it will look so pretty with my new cabinets. 

The decorative style of these handmade bowls creates a wonderful piece of functional art. Perfect for salads, pastas, and your favorite snacks, this flower bowl collection is available is variety of colors to suit your entertaining style. The colorful exterior is derived from cashew nut trees, creating a beautiful contrast to the natural grain of the bamboo. Serve with this lime-colored bowl at your next occasion and everyone will be envious.

Product Dimension: 11.5" x 4.75"




Core Bamboo is the proud manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer of the world’s finest Bamboo products including bamboo bowls, cutting boards, serving trays and utensils. All of our products are made by our experienced team of hard working artisans in a safe and responsible environment. We take great pride not only in the outstanding quality of our products but in the environment in which they are made. Every product that bears our name was made ethically and in a socially responsible way. We have been awarded several honors by different local associations and trade groups for the standard in which we hold ourselves by.

Our Social Responsibility

We were fortunate enough to be born into a more privileged environment. We view it as our responsibility to help those who weren’t. It has been a Core directive since our inception to always give back to the communities in which we are proud to be a part of. Our family of over 2,000 skilled and talented artisans span throughout different parts of the world. All of our communities benefit from their employment and our local charitable endeavors. From proper housing and medical care, to additional parks and recreation, it gives us a great sense of purpose and accomplishment that we are able to play a meaningful part in the lives of such wonderful people.

The Basics

All of the bamboo we use is 100% organically grown. We use food safe water based adhesives and we finish our products with top grade natural oils. Even our lacquer comes from natural cashew trees. Every product adheres to the standards of the FDA and European equivalent. Wherever possible we use recycled and eco friendly packaging.

Some people talk about being organic, We live by it!

You will love your Core Bamboo Flower Bowl just as much as I do. It makes a great accent piece in your kitchen as well as a functional and much used item. 
Why Bamboo? You ask....
Bamboo is one of the most remarkable resources on Earth. As a member of the grass family, not a tree, it grows at a much quicker rate than any other wood. From start to harvest (60-70 feet tall) it can take just four years. Bamboo is naturally anti-microbial, therefore stopping bacteria from growing. It is also one of the strongest yet lightest materials around. Bamboo is 16% stronger than Maple and is 33% lighter in weight than Oak. What is probably most remarkable is its unique extensive root system. When bamboo is harvested its natural root system spreads and automatically regenerates itself.

Virtually all of the bamboo we harvest is used in the process. When we harvest the bamboo stalks at 70 feet it is cut up and divided into different production materials. The bottom section is primarily used for flooring and building materials. This is usually the toughest and hardest pieces to bend. The middle section is used by our factories to make these lovely handcrafted products ranging from our assorted boards to versatile bowls and everything in between. The top section is used for smaller thinner items such as chop sticks, and accessory items. 

Even the saw dust created during the cutting is collected and mixed in with other materials to create a concrete like substance used for building and fixing a variety of items.