Honey House Naturals Review & 10% off Coupon Code

"Natural, Nurturing, Unique" - This has been the motto of Honey House Naturals® 
since our beginnings in 1994 and remains our core focus today. 
As a 100% woman-owned company, we embrace the purest values of skin care: integrity, purity, reverence and health.

Honey House Naturals 
products are the  Natural Choice for
Nourishing Body Care. 
I love EVERYTHING I received from them to review. 
I will say when I 1st opened the box I thought the small tins of Bee Bar Lotion were a lip balm. Just the look of the tin I assumed it was. I guess I was wrong. Inside is a wrapped in paper wonderful smelling bar lotion.
 I thought it was the coolest thing. 
I have never seen lotion in the form of a bar. 
I immediately unwrapped the paper to reveal a cute golden circle with a bee in the middle. The smell was excellent and I read the directions and rubbed it in my hands. So many other items were in the box but I got stuck on this one thing. It was something so new and neat to me. I am a sucker for lotion but a lotion as unique as this really caught my attention. 


Simply the best solid lotion bar you will ever use. Filled with creamy shea butter, golden jojoba, and packed with natural anti-oxidants, the Bee Bar is a customer favorite for its remarkable healing properties. A serious treat for dry, damaged skin. Presented in a lovely, reusable tin in two sizes, it is handy for home and on the go. A great gift for anyone’s hard-working hands!

•A Completely waterless lotion - which makes it extremely concentrated, lasting up to six months
•It does not dry out or lose its fragrance – you can keep it available on a dish by your bed, desk, etc.
•It does not come off on paper or fabric – put it on your heels at night, it won’t goop up your sheets
•Just warm it between your hands or directly on your elbows, hands or feet. The oils and butters are then released and can be gently massaged into the skin.  Offered in two sizes: Large 2.0 oz bar for $11.95, and Small .6 oz bar for $7.50

~Gold Tin-Vanilla-warm and comforting ( the large tin I got was vanilla, EXCELLENT)
~Copper Tin-Hawaiian - like a tropical beach
~Lavender Tin-Lavender - tranquil and relaxing
~Silver Tin-Natural-Fragrance of beeswax & sweet almond oil
~Pink Tin-Sweet Honey - A caress of sweet pleasure
~Aqua Tin-Spring Meadow - Fresh and Sunny
~Green Tin-Citrus - Delightfully Refreshing ( this is the small tin I received, LOVE IT )

The small tin is perfect size for your purse or even pocket. If you are like me and have lotion all over your house, car, office desk and purse you will LOVE the small tin of Honey House Naturals BEE BAR lotion


Overflowing with organically certified moisturizers, our Made with Organic Lip Butters instantly soothe dry cracked lips.  Jojoba oil, Shea butter, Beeswax and Camellia oil are all organically certified! They work together with pomegranate seed oil, Vitamin E and Cupuacu to make a rich, emollient and wonderfully absorbent Lip Butter.  You will discover a whole new experience in organic lip care!  Of the NINE delightful flavors, which one will be your favorite?

Organic Lip Butter TUBES .15oz at $5.50 each  Organic Lip Butter TINS are available only by special request.

Organic Lip Butters are offered in the following 9 flavors for both TINS and TUBES:
Vanilla Almond
Raspberry Pomegranate (what I received and LOVE)
Pink Grapefruit
Honey Mint

EXCELLENT product, my lips were instantly soft after using Raspberry Pomegranate Organic Lip Butter. I love the smell.


Our beautifully carved 3.5 oz. bars of Honey House Naturals soaps are now available seperately wrapped in beautiful Italian wrapping paper.  Ready to give as a beautiful and thoughtful gift or just to splurge on yourself for indulgent cleansing.  Available in 3 luxurious fragrances of Honey, Lavender, and Citrus.  $4.95 each or 3 bars for $14.85.

I got the Lavender Bar Soap. I am saving it to use at my new house, but have smelled it in the wrapped a few times and love the fresh lavender smell. I like the wrapper it would make a nice gift ~ but i'm keeping it for myself =) 


Moisturizing and creamy, our Honey Blossom Soap is triple milled and overflowing with Royal Jelly, Shea Butter, and Honey to rejuvenate and freshen dry, tired skin. Vitamin E, a natural antioxidant, and olive oil condition and protect. Beautifully packaged and artfully carved, this natural gentle soap will cleanse, condition, and rehydrate thirsty skin.  We use no animal products or testing. Made in USA.  Packaging made with recyclable materials. Available in three fragrances, our regular Honey fragrance, a delightful Citrus fragrance, and a timeless Lavender fragrance! 

Beautifully boxed and available in the following sizes:
1 - 10.5 oz Beehive shape (in the Honey fragrance only)  $15.00
1 - 6 oz Bar (boxed and in the Honey and Citrus fragrances only) $8.95
3 - 3.5 oz Bars (boxed and available in Honey, Citrus and Lavender fragrances)  $13.95

I received citrus and honey and like both of them equally. The scent lasts on my skin for hours and makes my body feel silky and smooth. You know I am not a big fan of bar soaps but these I did like. I think mostly for the scents and the smoothness it leaves in my skin afterwards. 


Now a LIQUID SOAP that is more than just a grocery store item!  Brimming with nutrients and natural moisturizing oils, our new LIQUID Bee Fresh HONEY SOAPS will take you to another level of self-indulgence.  The sweet soothing Almond Butter and Honey Butter fragrances stay with you long after you wash.  Almond Oil, Coconut Oil and Honey are natural humectants that trap moisture into your skin, keeping it smooth and glowing with health!  EDTA and Paraben free and never tested on animals. Honey House Naturals; we are enthusiastic about keeping your natural skin at its best!

Available in fragrances of Honey Butter and Almond Butter. $11.95 each
I used this as a body wash, the scent stays with you for a long time. I even noticed when I showered before bed and got my skin wet I could smell it again from my morning shower. My skin was left silky smooth and I have to say even after just using it 3 times it's one of my FAVORITE liquid soaps. 


Fragrant, fresh and filled with natural products, Honey House Natural's Bee Fresh Shampoo and Conditioner are rich in B vitamins that nourish and strengthen hair. Sweet honey and bee pollen also act as “food” for hair by contributing an abundance of nutrients that hair follicles crave. When hair is fed properly, it will naturally grow strong and healthy. Macadamia Seed Oil helps to create ultra smooth, frizz-free hair. Hydrolyzed Wheat, Soy and Corn proteins repair and condition hair. They keep the cuticle smooth which adds shine, strength and manageability to hair. Shine without greasiness - Body without heaviness. Your hair will love you. You will love your hair!

It was hard to tell if I liked the shampoo & conditioner. I only was able to wash and condition my hair twice with the bottles I received. I did love the smell and did notice my hair was soft afterwards. I think just reading the label and seeing all the good for your hair items listed was enough to make me believe this is a good product for my hair. I think it's something I would like to try longer and see how my hair looks after a few more washes. Overall it seems to be a very good product. 

My 2nd FAVORITE of all the Honey House Naturals products was the 


Just the word “butter” brings up thoughts of the creamy goodness of cool butter on hot toast, or a pat of butter in the middle of mashed potatoes, or butter melting on fresh corn on the cob. Butter just makes things better.

So imagine what Bee Butter can do for your skin!  Made with Royal Jelly and Beeswax mixed with Shea and Coco Butters along with some Almond Oil and Jojoba Oil, it is a combination that makes your skin go, “aah”...Three luscious fragrance choices, thick and creamy, it melts into your skin like butter on biscuits!

Packaged in an 8 oz. vintage ruby red apothecary jar with our wonderful Honey House flair, this is a perfect gift for yourself or a person you love! 

Offered in two fragrances of “Honey” and “Citrus” and also with no added fragrance of “Natural” at $15.95

EXCELLENT product, makes anywhere on your body you put it super soft and smell great. Love this product. 

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Look around, order something you will be happy you did.