Nail Magic ~ The Original Nail Hardener & Conditioner Review & Giveaway


My nails NEVER grow and when I say never I mean never. I don't remember not even once my whole life have I ever had fingernails. I think a lot has to do with my thyroid issues or that I spent most of my life biting or picking at my nails. 
The last 2 weeks I have been using Nail Magic Nail Strengthener & Conditioner, I was told it would take about a month to notice results. But in my 2 weeks I have seen tremendous results. I am so happy with my so far results and can't wait to see my nails at the end of the month. Everyday they are stronger and longer. They are actually starting to look like normal nails. Not all split and chipped plus my cuticles are looking better too. I love my results after just two weeks. 
This review is going to last for about a month just so I can add pictures of my nails to let you all see how they are growing. 

Not only does Nail Magic have this wonderful product (Nail Magic Strengthener & Conditioner) they also sell a great Thai Essence Cuticle Oil & a great set of five great nail polish top coats. Everything I received I love. I have never been a big nail person (since they never grew) but now I actually care and every day love to see the progress. 


Day One of using Nail Magic Nail Strengthener and Conditioner My cuticles look horrible and my nails are short (like normal)

Since 1960 Nail Magic is a unique blend of ingredients which stimulates healthy and beautiful nail growth while strengthening and conditioning weak or damaged nails.A professional manicurist with 35 years’ experience perfected the formula in 1960. For the first eighteen years, it was only sold in a local department store in Portland, Oregon. While working there as an assistant buyer, Ron Haken discovered Nail Magic was continually selling out. This one little item accounted for a significant percentage of the stores entire cosmetic sales. This was accomplished without any advertising, sophisticated packaging or special offers. Ron is now the owner of the company.

Five decades later, Nail Magic is still selling strong all over the world for one simple reason- IT WORKS.

A unique blend of ingredients which stimulates growth of natural nail
World's first nail strengthener and conditioner
Proven effective for over fifty years
Formulated to be compatible with natural nail chemical makeup
Excellent as a basecoat, topcoat or as a clear lacquer

  • Easy to use, guaranteed result
With only 2 weeks of using Thai Essence Cuticle Oil every night and four times applying Nail Magic Strengthener & Conditioner my nails actually look half way decent. I am VERY happy with the results so far.


New!  Thai Essence Cuticle Oil

(Lavender & Lemongrass Essential Oils)

A moisturizing blend of all natural and organic ingredients, this unique blend of oils repair dry and damaged cuticles.  It will also assist in replacing moisture to the natural nail.

These smaller bottles of polish are perfect. I actually sent one pack to my Mom with her Mother's Day gifts. So far she loves them. She has been using the SOFT cuticle oil once a day and loves the results. She has nice nails but her cuticles have been dry she says. She also likes the bottle of WET high gloss top coat. She said it leaves a nice
 shine to her polish or just plain nails. 
I myself like the Matte top coat, I used it last week for a few days 
before I re-did my coat of Nail Magic Strengthener & Conditioner. 

For not being a big fingernail person and never caring much about mine. 
I am proud to say I now love t he way my nails look and I look forward to seeing how they continue to grow and stay strong, thanks to Nail Magic products.
Someone will get a chance to WIN Nail Magic Products. 
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I will continue to post updated nail pics once a week till the review is over so you all can see the progress..

I almost forgot to mention, you can buy Nail Magic product ONLINE HERE or find a store near you HERE, trust me you want this product no matter if you have bad nails like me or just want stronger nicer nails. 

WEEK 5 using Nail Magic ~ 2 of my nails as you see broke, that was more my fault, with all the work at the new house it was bound to happen sooner or later. The other 3 on my left hand are growing great. and the 2 that broke have grown back very fast. I am still SUPER happy with the way Nail Magic works and the fact that I have nails is amazing, the 3 that are still long are the longest nails I have ever had.