Father's Day Gift Idea ~ STORMp3 – Water Resistant Mp3 Player with Speakers ~ Review

Wondering what to get your Father or Father in your life for this Father's Day?
How about STORMp3 - Water Resistant Mp3 Player with Speakers
What Father wouldn't love to listen to his favorite songs while taking a shower, doing outside yard work or taking on a camping trip. He will never have to worry about keeping his new Mp3 Player with Speaker dry. The STORMp3 is the first water resistant Mp3 Player with Speaker. 
I gave the STORMp3 to my boyfriend as an early Father's Day gift (he is not a dad but has 2 dogs & 2 cats that are his kids) so I felt he still desired something for Father's Day. He loves that the STORMp3 is compact, water resistant and sounds just as good as the expensive living room speakers, if not better. He now listens to music in the shower, daily. Before he just set the phone on the counter using the phone speakers, now he has the STORMp3 to rock out with. 

The STORMp3 - Water Resistant Mp3 Player with Speakers came in a hard plastic box (shown above). Once opened everything you need including batteries is in the blue box below the speaker. After a few minutes of trying to figure out how to get the speaker out of the box, we noticed there was tape on the top of the box, 
after removing it, the speaker came right out. 
The directions are very easy to follow and the set up is fast. 
Just open the battery compartment, connect the USB wire from the speaker to your computer. 
The STORMp3 icon will appear on your computer screen. Open the file and begin. 

You can transfer music from your computer to your STORMp3 by using the drag and drop method. 
There are directions for Mac & PC. 
Once you have all the music you want installed you just add the batteries (included) 
Install your wall brackets (if hanging up) and you are ready to go. 

On the middle of the STORMp3 you have an 
On/Off button that also does Play and Pause
Back Button
Forward Button
Volume Up 
Volume Down

Super simple to use. From start to finish. 

You're Dad will be HAPPY to receive 
STORMp3 - Water Resistant Mp3 Player with Speakers

for Father's Day

for only $39.95 and FREE shipping, it's a great gift.

STORMp3 is the first water resistant, wall mountable MP3 player with speakers built with the bathroom in mind. The unique design and style of this new digital audio player makes it a perfect for listening to music in the shower, tub, or at the beach.

Users don’t have to rely on Bluetooth as the STORMp3 has internal memory to store 500 songs internally and does not rely on Bluetooth connectivity. 

The STORMp3, superior in comparison to competitive products, is water resistant, wall mountable and less expensive than other mp3 players with speakers. It comes with a wall mounting bracket for shower mounting and detaches easily for portable use.

Great for listening to music in the shower, at pools and spas, boat trips, camping, and anywhere outdoors.

  • Water Resistant
  • Does not Rely on Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Shuffle Control Allows Songs to be Played in a Random Order
  • “Click and Drag’ Design” Makes Adding Music Easy
  • Great Sound from Two Speakers Delivering 6 Watts of Power
  • Over 70 Hours of Play Time
  • Wall Mountable
  • Includes Wall Mounting Bracket, 4AA Batteries, and USB Cable