DelfogoRx Professional Vitamin C 22% Anti-aging Serum From SkinPro Review & Giveaway

My skin has become noticeably softer and smoother and uneven skin tones are gone.


I've always suffered from uneven skin tons. For the past two weeks I have been using DelfogoRx Professional Vitamin C 22% Anti-aging Serum From SkinPro and so far LOVE this product. The serum quickly corrected my uneven skin tones & made my skin glow. ALL this not after the two weeks but after about 3 days of using the serum. The radiant glow speaks for itself. Seeing is believing and its simply incredible. I am usually not one to try products of this type. If it's not on the shelf at my local store, I don't buy it. I have always been whatever when it comes to my skin. But with DelfogoRx Professional Vitamin C 22% Anti-aging Serum From SkinPro, I am HAPPY I gave it a try.
I guess it's about time to take preventive measures as i'm only getting older and so's my skin. What this serum has done for my skin within two week is what a lifetime of store bought creams hasn't come close to doing.  

If you have spent lots of time in the sun like I have and your skin tones aren't as even as you would like, trust me DelfogoRx Professional Vitamin C 22% Anti-aging Serum From SkinPro  is the product you have been looking for. 
You will be amazed by the results. 

We all put lots of stress on our skin, but our face get's the brunt of it all. 
You can roll back the years of abuse you have given your skin in just a few days. 
I apply my DelfogoRx Professional Vitamin C 22% Anti-aging Serum From SkinPro
  every morning and night after washing my face. Just a few small drops ( I use 2)  from the bottles dropper is all it takes. My skin glows and looks perfect now. 


SkinPro introduces the World's most potent Vitamin C serum.

For the first time ever, cosmetic pharmacist Irwin Grams has been able to produce a formula with a Vitamin C concentration of 22%. This serum also contains an unheard of 0.8% dose of Ferulic Acid along with 2% Vitamin E.

To compare to leading brands, Skinceutical's C E Ferulic (MSRP $153.00), contains only 15% Vitamin C, 0.5% Ferulic Acid and 1% Vitamin E and it is considered to be an industry leader and perrenial best seller.

This professional anti-aging serum contains pure hyaluronic acid and is dispensed by way of a medical dropper. 

This is the most potent Vitamin C serum that has ever been released and it is on slae now on with a Complete Satisfaction Guarantee.

Here are the benefits of using this serum:

- Stimulates collagen synthesis to make your skin appear many years younger and significantly more vibrant.
- Reduces the signs of aging and diminishes the appearance of photo damage through the new science of the stimulation of collagen production.
- The most advanced environmental protection against all forms of UVA, UVB and infrared radiation A.
- Increases the skin firmness and elasticity upon application, which replenishes the vital lipids in order to reduce wrinkles.
- Acts as a super antioxidant that also enhances the protection of sunscreen against damaging solar rays to better protect the skin.

Satisfaction is Guaranteed
Rest easy knowing that this product is backed by the comprehensive SkinPro Complete Satisfaction Guarantee. 

22% Vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid) is the highest potency and quality on the market

Features 0.8% Ferulic Acid and 2% Vitamin E (Alpha Tocopherol) for increased environmental protection against UVA, UVB and infared radiation A
Stimulates collagen synthesis to improve the signs of aging and increases skin firmness and replenishes vital lipids to reduce wrinkles
Key Ingredient: 22% L-ascorbic acid: Neutralizes free radicals and promotes collagen synthesis. Key Ingredient: 2% alpha tocopherol (vitamin E): Neutralizes free radicals, provides the healing process. Key Ingredient: 0.8% ferulic acid: This plant-based antioxidant neutralizes free radicals, inhibits UV-induced melanogenesis, and has anti-inflammatory properties.
Formulated in the USA by Master Cosmetic Pharmacist Irwin Grams in our FDA Registered Facility, this product is 100% Natural with no Parabens or Alcohol

One Lucky viewer will win DelfogoRx Professional Vitamin C 22% Anti-aging Serum From SkinPro, if you don't win and you have uneven, weathered or just dull skin, this is a product you really want to try. 
You will be very happy after just one day of using it. I was!