Tablift ~ The World's best tablet stand Review


Relax. It's not going to tip over.Tablift allows you to use your tablet handsfree, in the places you want to use it most - like cozying up on your favorite sofa for a great movie. 
There's no need to use your hands, so go ahead and dig in to some delicious popcorn without worrying about greasing up your tablet.

Tablift is the coolest tablet stand around. 
I love to read in bed, actually anywhere, but I usually only find time to read in bed. 
My arms always seem to get tired of holding up my tablet or my hands/arms get cold, so I move all around trying to use the pillows and blankets to prop up my tablet so I can continue to read. 
Now I don't have to worry about trying to hold my tablet or keep my hands/arms getting cold. 
I have a Tablift and I love it. 

When the box showed up for review I thought, what a funny little thing, I won't ever use this. Was I wrong. From day one I have used my Tablift every night. It has 3 positions so no matter how i'm laying I can always see what i'm reading. 
The Tablift has bendable sturdy legs that allows it to go over blankets and your body. 
Perfect for watching a movie too on your tablet. 
Great product. 
After reading for the night I set my Tablift on my night stand, I just fold the legs down and turn off my tablet. It's also very easy to get your tablet on and off the stand. 

I have tried numerous tablet stands & cases. So far nothing compares to the tablift. It's perfect for me. 
Laying in bed, sitting on the couch or leaning back on the couch. I can always see my tablet and have less fingerprints all over it. I love the tablift for watching movies on the couch. 
Makes a great gift. Put this one on your holiday shopping list, yep it's almost that time of the year!

Only $59.95 and you will be happy to have the tablift. Great product for anyone. 
Would make for a GREAT back to school gift for your child.