Loving Pets Review & Giveaway (Multiple items) US Residents Only, Please.

Loving Pets sells some super cute dog & cat bowls that are Vet-recommended, 
bacteria resistant & have stainless steel interiors. 

The bowls are called Bella Bowls, I love the name & the bowls. 

Each bowl no matter if it's for a cat or dog, comes with a removable rubber base. This helps prevent skids and spills. 
Our kitty Duncan used to have a bowl with the rubber base. I used to watch him eating and pushing the bowl half way across the kitchen, as funny as it was to watch, i'm sure he was pretty annoyed. 

Award winning, patented Bella Bowls are the BEST SELLING BOWL in the pet industry. 
The Bella Bowl comes in numerous attractive poly-resin exterior that are the Bella Bowls hallmark.
The bowls are fully dishwasher safe. Featuring sophisticated blends of fashion and function, the Designer and Expressions Collection comes in an expanding line of designer styles that fit any home décor and budget. 
Available a range of sizes perfect for any breed of dog or cat.

Above pictured are the adorable Bella Bowls for dogs. From the Designer & Expressions line. 
The dog Bella Bowls come in Small, Medium & Large.
Each comes with the rubber base & stainless steel interior. 

I love all the cute designs
especially the blue dragon fly bowl. 

Your dog will be so happy to drink or eat out of a Loving Pets Bella Bowl. You will be happy that they are extremely durable, easy to clean and looks great wherever you feed/water your pet in your home. 

Click HERE to order any of the cute Bella Bowls in any size. 

Above are the cute Cat Bella Bowls that are sophisticated blends of fashion and function, 
the Designer and Expressions Collection

My lil Duncan has the BELLA BOWLS DESIGNER FISH LILAC Bowl. 
It's got white fish skeletons with violet shadow on a lilac background.
He eats his dry kitty food out of it & it sits on his cat house, second level. 
We used to leave it on the floor but the dogs seem to think that's dog food, not cat food, silly dogs!

I love how easy the bowl is to keep clean and how no matter what it always looks shiny, clean and ready for more food. 

The Bella Bowls for cats come in small & extra small. 
Not all designs come in both sizes. 

Get your kitty one HERE. 



This is Katy, she is about 15 years old. She enjoys using her Bella Lilac Bowl, she is looking at me funny when taking the picture like where is my food. Of course Duncan (the kitten) ate it all and ran back outside. He loves playing in the yard and catching grasshoppers. As long as he keeps them outside, I am fine with it. Both Katy & Duncan were rescue kitties. We got Katy when she was just a year or two old. My kids were young back then and Katy was a after Halloween kitty. They had all black cats half off and Katy caught our attention with love at first site. 
Duncan we got about a year ago to help keep Katy young. He is a handful and I think part dog, lol. He has grown up from day one with a dog in the home and came to us when he was about 8 months old to two dogs and Katy. He loves playing with the dogs, eating dog food and chasing the dogs around and hiding from them & jumping out when they run by. He also spends some time with Katy but not as much as we would of liked. At least Katy spends more time outside then she has in years. 
Both cats are like kids to us. We love them and they love us and the girls (dogs) Jacky and Molly. 

Duncan was to busy outside when I was writing up this review, so to embarrass him I put the silliest picture I could find of him here.


Loving Pets also sells Pure Buffalo treats. My girls were in heaven when I opened the bag. I will say they smell yucky to me, but to the girls they don't they come running when the bag is opened. 
They both take a Paddy Whack 100% Natural Dog Treat and run to separate corners of the house and chew away. 
This bone will take them days to eat, unless somehow it gets buried in the yard to be found on a later date (Molly- the mini dachshund) 

Experience the stampede of goodness with 100% all-natural Pure Buffalo™ treats. Pure Buffalo is a healthier, leaner, great tasting alternative to beef. Because it massages gums and helps control tartar, it’s also great for maintaining a dog’s dental health. Pure Buffalo is available in 22 varieties and sizes including bones, femur knuckles, braided bully sticks, tendons, jerky meat strips and lung steaks. Get Pure Buffalo and provide hours of enjoyment for your pet!

You can buy all the different variety of Pure Buffalo treats online HERE. These will last for hours and give your dog a healthy treat. 


For your favorite furry friend, Loving Pets has Purrfectly Natural cat treats

WhenLoving Pets creates any new pet treat, we always begin with simple, healthy, all natural ingredients. No additives, glycerins, artificial preservatives or fillers are ever used. While we only use the highest quality ingredients, we also strive to keep our treats affordably priced. Our new line of great tasting gourmet cat treats, Purrfectly Natural, is no exception. We think they are some of the best and healthiest cat treats available. 
Proud to be American made - Loving Pets' Purrfectly Natural 100% Pure Dried Beef Lung Cat Treats,  Purrfectly Natural Buffalo Meat Strips, Purrfectly Natural Chicken Treats and Shrimp Treats are all wheat, gluten, soy, grain and glycerin free.

Show your cat how much you care with these healthy and delicious, bite-sized, soft chew treats!

Buy them HERE. 

One Lucky Pet owner who wins this review will get to choose ONE Bella Bowl for either a cat or dog (cat size extra small or dog small, medium or large) ONE Bag of either Pure Buffalo Dog Treats or ONE Bag of Purrfectly Natural Cat Treats. 

Good Luck Everyone!