1 year Anniversary Review ~ Nutra Bee Mountain Gold Honey & Honey Candies Review & Coupon Code & Giveaway



Yummy, Sweet Honey is just a click away with NutraBee products. 
From Honeys with a Therapeutic touch, such as Natural Cold Relief, to Honeys that just taste good, no matter what you use them for, to Sweet Treat or Skin Healing Creams.
 NutraBee has all your HONEY needs. 

Founded in 2000 by Mrs.Bee (Fatima Basic) with assistance of husband, SabanNutraBee™ Pure Gourmet Honey Products is a family run business providing healthy 100% pure unprocessed Canadian honey and bee products. 

Originally, the company carried only one product, Bee Active™ a honey-herb formula developed by Mrs. Bee who discovered the remarkable healing abilities of raw honey after a devastating accident.  Inspired by the diligent honeybee, her journey to health is told in The NutraBee Story.

Today, NutraBee has several product lines - all containing 100% pure unprocessed Canadian honey.  Besides Bee Active™ with12 certified-organic herbs, they’ve developedBee Strong with organic Ceylon Cinnamon and Immuno Bee with Black Seed.

Incorporating raw honey with other bee products, NutraBee also offers: Bee Beautiful with royal jelly, Bee Guard with propolis, and Buzz Off with raw bee pollen. 

Always ahead of the latest research, Mrs. Bee has also developed Bee Heart Healthy, a pure monoculture buckwheat honey containing wild blueberry extract. The company also carries Mountain Gold Wildflower Honey and NutraBee Raw Honeycomb.

 “Our goal is a simple one: my friendship with honeybees helped me regain my health.  Now, I am helping others improve their health.  Our Bee Friendly NutraBee products are healthy honeys that contain no pesticide or antibiotic residue and no corn syrup or other additives ,” says Mrs. Bee. “Our quality control starts from the pesticide-free apiary we source.  We then handcraft small batches to maintain the flavour and nutritional profile of the raw honey.  I guarantee that once you taste the difference of NutraBee 100% pure unprocessed honey, this is the only honey you’ll have on your table.  This is real honey as nature intended. ”


Excellent sweet treats for anytime of for sore throat relief, carry NutraBee Sweet Treats, our all-natural honey drop candies.Made with 100% pure unprocessed Canadian honey with added raw sugar cane. To soothe a sore throat, suck on these honey drops for 8 to 10 minutes. Can also put in hot water for a honey tea. Carry these delicious honey candies where ever you go.
I love these Honey CandiesI received the box of 12 and currently only have 3 left, they are that good. By the end of the day my throat is usually dry and raspy sounding, due to my thyroid surgery. But after sucking on a Honey Candy from NutraBee my throat feels soothed and I talk normal. Great for anytime, sore throats or soothing the throat after lots of talking. 

Mountain Gold Wildflower Honey is 100% pure, 100% raw and 100% Canadian.  
Excellent Honey in Tea, on toast or just by the spoonful. 
You all know I'm a tea addict, I love tea hot, cold, sweet, unsweet. But tea with honey is one of my favorite afternoon drinks. After dinner I always have a cup of hot tea, usually peppermint &  I add a heaping spoon of Mountain Gold Wildflower Honey. This makes my tea sweet and helps bring out the peppermint taste. 
I also love thehoney on a piece of toast in the morning. I toast my bread, smear on a thin layer of honey and have it for breakfast, with you guessed it a cup of tea. 

Gourmet Wildflower Honey. For a great-tasting, easy-to-digest 100% pure unprocessed Canadian honey try our Mountain Gold Wildflower Honey. Collected from wildflowers, this light, raw honey contains enzymes from the digestive tracts of bees collecting the nectar. When honey is heated and pasteurized during processing, these healthy enzymes are destroyed.  Processing honey by ultra-filtration also removes bits of bee pollen, a natural anti inflammatory, which all honey products should contain.  Without pollen, it is impossible to authenticate where the honey was produced or if the honey was contami nated by pesticide residue.

Besides the lack of pollen, some beekeepers feed their bees sugar or pollen substitutes.   There is no substitute for the variety of flower pollen and nectar collected by bees.  Whether from fields of buckwheat, alfalfa, manuka or wildflowers, the taste, texture and scent of the final honey product depends on plants, not sugar or pollen substitutes.  By letting bees feed as nature intended, they produce the great-tasting honey known by past generations.

The bottom line is that fake honey products have a long shelf life, but no health benefits.  Some are even adulterated with cheaper corn, beet or cane sugars. Only raw, unprocessed honey with all the enzymes and pollen intact can deliver the health benefits of real honey.  Knowing the difference between real honey and fake honey can impact your health.


All NutraBee pure gourmet honey products are 100% pure, 100% raw and 100% Canadian.
Giveaway entry is from Oct 2 - 18th.
This is a NutraBee giveaway not a Simple Side of Life giveaway, but I will keep you all posted on who the winner is, once one is chosen. Good Luck!