1 Year Anniversary Review ~ HTY Gold Rooibus Facial Exfoliant Review & Giveaway



When I did my first review for HTY Gold I always wondered what the HTY meant. 
Silly me never actually figured out that it was written right on the front of the bottle. 
So this time around when my Rooibus Facial Exfoliant came in the mail it was much to my surprise when I read: 
Hide the Years. 
and yes, that it does!

The first product I tried from HTY Gold was Eye Gold.
 I loved the results I got when using the powerful antioxidant eye cream. 
So I knew whatever HTY Gold sent me I would love the results again. 
I was right. 

Rooibos Facial Exfoliant for Face & Neck is an excellent way to gently exfoliate and do away with dead skin cells,
 without striping or harming the skin. 
Iv'e been using HTY Gold Rooibos Facial Exfoliant for apx. 2 weeks. 
Every other day I use it morning and night. 
My skins been feeling fresh and soft. 
I love the right after I wash my face feeling that Rooibos Facial Exfoliant gives me.
The gentle ultra rich exfoliant will gently exfoliate and do away with dead skin cells, without stripping or harming the skin. 
Exfoliation will remove outer layer of the skin and reveal  the newer, healthy skin beneath. Rooibus Tea contains the enzyme Super Oxide Dismutase (S.O.D.), damaging effects on the skin. This perfect cleansing exfoliant will leave your skin feeling brighter, softer and suppler, while nourishing and providing the skin with beneficial nutrients.

You will love the new healthy skin you have, after using HTY Gold Rooibos Facial Exfoliant. 


How does HTY Gold work:

The all-natural answer to aging skin, HTY Gold skin care products are an intensive patented formulation of rare super red palm oleins and other natural creamed oils, designed to restore and replenish your skin. Our exclusive creams and serums are absorbed quickly and deeply into the skin, fighting free radicals that cause cellular damage.

As we age, our body's production of oil is reduced, and the skin on our face, arms and body begin to look dry and crepey. HTY Gold helps to eliminate dry, wrinkled, crepe paper skin and will also prevent further signs of aging skin.

Dermatologist tested and approved, HTY Gold is rich in antioxidants, natural tocotrienols, tocopherols, beta carotenes, alpha carotenes, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Vitamin D and CQ10. HTY Gold is an all natural product with no man made chemicals, preservatives, emulsifiers, trans fats or cholesterol.

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