1 Year Anniversary Review ~Kameleonz Interchangable Sunglasses

Everyone needs a good pair of sunglasses. 
Your eyes require some sort of protection from the sun. 

So why not protect them with the perfect pair of sunglasses from Kameleonz. 
With Kameleonz you can personalize you glasses to what your wearing or how your mood is that day...
Kameleonz Sunglasses was started when the young founder was walking the beach years ago 
seeing all the kids with black frame glasses and some would have different colored sides. 
That was when he realized there is a market for a sunglass that are interchanges to all the different color side arms. 
And that's when Kameleonz was born. 

I think it's a great idea. 
Espically in younger teens. 

Every outfit you wear, mood you are in, style change of the week
You always have the PERFECT pair of sunglasses to go along 
with your day. 

Kameleonz starts with picking out your frames
and then adding side arms. 

Some sets are already put together to purchase or you can make your own. 

Main frames come in a wide variety of colors from solid colors to see thru colors. 
The Frames are named:
Blue Steel Frames
Rio Frames
Sahara Frames
SoCal Frames
North Shore Frames
Surf Frames
Aloha Frames
Caribeen Frames

Arms come in a wide variety of colors such as:
Royal Blue Arms
Caribeen Arms
Matte Orange Arms
Matte Grey Arms
Radiant Orchard Arms
Tangerine Arms
Translucent Arms
Yellow Amber Arms
Glossy Black Arms
Coconut Arms
Aloha Arms

Kameleonz glasses have super strong plastic hindges on the side that allow the arms to slide off, 
to change them out whenever you want. 
Theres a little button you sort of push, pull off the arms and slide on a new pair. 
You will hear a little click, that tells you the new arm is on and secure. 

Such a clever idea all packaged into a cool, modern style pair of glasses
that you will get tons of compliments on. 

I received the Sahara Kameleonz. 
(pictured above the lens bag picture)
They come with Polarized Lenses 
and Three Side Arms in glossy translucent brown, yellow amber, & radiant orchid
The main frame color is glossy translucent brown
I love the look and the customization to switch out the sides whenever I want, to go with whatever i'm wearing. 
I also received the above pictured microfiber pouch. Perfect for storing my glasses when not in use and to carry my side arms so I don't loose them. 

Overall a great pair of glasses, at a great price. 
I really like Kameleonz glasses. The concept, the name and the style.