PowerSkin PowerStand Review & EXCELLENT Buy One Get One Free 48 hour sale~ Tuesday, December 16th & Wednesday December 17th

This is a MUST HAVE for anyone that has a cell phone. 
I was so excited to receive the PowerStand by PowerSkin, this small triangle type wedge shape will keep your cell phone usable when you normally run out of power. Just throw it in your purse, when your cell phones battery is low, plug the PowerStand into your  cell phone and you will be back in business. 
To use, first you will need to reverse the plug on your PowerSkin PowerStand and plug it into your computer or laptop. You can see that it's charging by the blue indicator lights. When all 3 blue lights are lite up you know your PowerStand is ready to go, throw it in your purse for on the go charging needs. When your ready to use your PowerStand, reverse the plug back so the small end can go into your charging port in your cell phone, plug it in and you now have instant on the go power. 
This is a must have, much needed product. 
Anyone and everyone with a cell phone would love to have the PowerSkin PowerStand. Makes a PERFECT stocking stuffer. 

Now with the  Buy One Get One Free 48 hour sale on their popular phone & tablet portable charger, the PowerSkin PowerStand, you have no excuse to not pick one up. Starting tomorrow Tuesday, December 16th & Wednesday December 17th, you'll get 2 PowerStands for the price of one ($39.99, plus free shipping) - keep one for yourself  and give one as a gift. The PowerStand is able to charge all tablets and mobile phones, including the iPhone 6/6Plus

 (that's $20 for an iPhone portable charger!).

The coolest part is:
Stick-N-Go Power
Our patented Heat-injected soft rubber suction cup design design allows for quick, on the go power, only when you need it.

The PowerSkin PoP’n and PowerStand can stick right onto the back of smooth surfaced phones and cases 
and can be quickly and easily removed.

PowerSkin PowerStand’s unique wedge shape is an all-inclusive, hands free, viewing stand and portable charger. Small and light weight, the charger suctions right onto the back of most phones and cases, making video and photo viewing easier without draining power.

Need to share a presentation, pictures, watch a video, or even use your camera to apply makeup? PowerStand makes hands free screen viewing easy with the suctioned kick stand and portable charger. No longer worry about Youtube or Netflix videos draining your battery. PowerStand charges your phone lets you easily view the screen without having to hold it.

I can't wait to put my PowerStand to use. I think just using the Stick and Go part will come in handy. Instead and setting my cell phone in a pile of paperwork on my desk at work i'm going to use this feature as a stand for my phone. That way I can find it when needed. The charging on the go will be so useful. My phone dies often in a place where I am always without my charger. Since I use my bosses car when running errands at work I never have my charger and many times my phone has died or come very close. Now when I leave the office my PowerStand will come with me, just throw it in my purse and now I will never have to worry about having a dead cell phone. 

You can't pass up this great offer. 
Buy ONE get ONE FREE. 
 another great special from PowerSkin

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