Probelle Nail Polish Review & Giveaway


I have horrible nails. For a while I was using a product that was helping them grow, but it no longer works for me. I guess my nails got used to it and it decided not to grow anymore. So I looked into other things and came across Probelle. They have some great regular nail colors but a few interesting nail products to help your nails grow. 

Probelle is an innovative professional nail polish manufacturer. Offering two products that will cure, grow, and strengthen nails in weeks. Their mission is to help users rebuild and maintain healthy nails as well as preventing dry, split, and cracked nails. Their focus is the long term health of nails. By applying their treatments users will feel and observe the natural growth of their nails.

Onces nails have reached their healthiest state we have a line of nail lacquer that will change the look and finish of the users nails with just one application. 
Their goal is to provide the users with new colors every season and follow fashion trends



For the last six weeks iv'e been using Probelle Nail Hardener (Formula 1) & Probelle Nail Maintenance (Formula 2) my nails have never looked better. Both are very easy to apply. 

Probelle Nail Hardener FORMULA 1
Is a unique formula designed to cure, repair, and restore damaged nails. Formula 1 prevents and corrects thin nails that are breaking and cracking by forming a protective barrier on the nail. Using Formula 1 on a daily basis will restore nails to a healthy state.

Nails will take 2-3 weeks to reestablish to a healthy state and will continue to grow strong natural nails. Formula 1 can be applied as a base coat and as a top coat for better performance.

Apply a thin coat daily for several days to stop peeling, cracked, and split nails. Use as a base coat with regular manicure once the nails becomes healthier and stronger.  

After 2-4 weeks, is when Probelle recommends treatment to be continued with Nail Maintenance (Formula 2).

Probelle Nail Maintenance FORMULA 2
Formulated with Garlic and Lime, Nail Maintenance is the perfect formula to maintain healthy nails.  With special elements extracted from garlic, not only does this amazing formula harden and grow the nail, it also protects against fungus.  Along with Garlic, Lime is a key additive to maintain hardness and growth while restoring the whiteness of the nail.

Nail Maintenance (Formula 2) focuses on nail care and maintenance of the natural nail. It is recommended to apply as a base coat for best performance.

Apply a thin coat daily for several days to stop peeling, cracked, and split nails. Use as a base coat with regular manicure once the nails becomes healthier and stronger.  

If you use both these products are recommended, you will  have beautiful strong nails. Just make sure you use Formula 1 daily. You really will notice the difference within the first 2 weeks. I did and love it. 
When getting to Formula 2, you might notice a odd smell on your hands. For the first few days I kept thinking my hands smelled off. I would wash them a few times a day but the smell never went away. It took me a few nights to realize it was the polish. It's made from Garlic and Lime. The garlic does smell. Maybe my nose was more sensitive then others. My boyfriend never noticed the smell but I did. It's nothing bad, just a hint garlic smell. It's worth it though, if you want strong healthy nails. 

Both Formulas can be purchased on Probelle's website for $28, this is less then a manicure and lasts for months. I would say you could use these products daily for 4-6 months and not run out. I am on my second month and both bottles are more than half way full. 


Once your nails are grown out and beautiful,  you can try Probelle line of Nail Lacquers, they have some beautiful colors and they can be purchased individually or in sets. I received the above pictured set to try. Into the Blue is my favorite of them all. I wear it on my toes daily. 
The sets come with FOUR colors and a Top Coat Sealer. 
Each set has new up to date colors in a range of shades from bright, bold to more neutral. 
The set I got contains:Top Coat Sealer, Hot Fun, Probelle, Overcast & Into the Blue
The TOP COAT SEALER is important to use since manicures need to last a long time and shine with a wet look finish. Probelle's Top Coat Sealer creates a layer on top of the nail lacquer with an ultra high gloss barrier that is ideal for a long lasting manicure with a high shine finish.

You get all this for $32.50, again (at least in my town) cheaper than a manicure. Plus you can use over and over again. 


Probelle also sells some wonderful products for problems like, Nail Biting. Toe Nail Fungus & Cuticle Problems. 

Probelle Anti-Bite/ Base Coat

Some of us may have the habit of biting our nails. Probelle Anti-Bite will help to stop nail biting with an amazing formula formulated with extracts of marine algae and horse chestnut. 

  • Stops Nail Biting Habits
  • Stops Thumb Sucking Habits
  • DBP, Toluene, and Formaldehyde Free                                    Usage Apply two times a week


Probelle Natural Fungal Nail Treatment

100 Percent Natural Topical treatment (Patented) that restores beauty to nails affected by fungus using coconut oil based fungal protection and natural ingredients.

Apply daily on skin, cuticle, and nail affected areas.


Probelle Botanical Cuticle Complex

A very important part of a regular manicure is maintaining cuticles. Using Kukui Nut Oil, cuticles are conditioned and softened instantly.

  • Moisturizes the cuticle, skin, and nail area
  • Improves the appearance and the health of the cuticles
  • Kukui Nut Oil is absorved rapidly for better performance

 Usage Apply around cuticle area.

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