Papa Johns Pizza Giveaway when you purchase a gift card

In my opinion Papa John's have the BEST pizza for a chain pizza place. 
We order from them at least twice a month and since they are less then a block from my house I just go pick it up. 
One of the employee lives by me and loves to chat with me about the progress of the house, 
so it makes for more then just picking up pizza when I go in. =)

Starting today till 5/17/2015 for each $25 gift card you purchase ONLINE ONLY you will receive a separate email with a code for FREE 15 piece Chicken Poppers. 
This means you can purchase a gift card for someone special and keep the FREE 15 Piece Chicken Poppers for yourself.
Or you can give it to them =) your choice. 

LOOK for the above logo on Papa John's Home Page (it's located on the bottom left side of the page)
 This is where you go to get your gift cards. 
For every $25 in Papa John’s Gift Cards that you purchase online, you will receive one promo code for Free Chicken Poppers emailed to you. For example, if you purchase a single $100 gift card or four $25 gift cards, you will get four Free Chicken Popper promo codes sent to you in four separate emails. You can get your gift cards in any combination as long as it totals $25... for example....As long as your gift card purchase totals $25, you will get a promo code for the Free Chicken Poppers side. You can purchase a combination of two $10 gift cards and one $5 gift card in the same order.
This is a GREAT deal & GREAT Pizza
Order some gift cards today. 
You can also just buy the gift cards for yourself, no reason why you have to give them out. 
You will be getting FREE Chicken Poppers with your pizza.