Fireside Provisions Review & Discount Code

If your going on a Day Hike, Overnight Hike/Camping Trip, Weekend Hike/Camping Excursion or Two Days of Backpacking you found the PERFECT website. My boyfriend and I love to do day hikes. We don't camp often since we have two little dogs that can't seem to be without us for the night & we don't feel comfortable taking them camping in the middle of no where. But day hikes in our National Forest Lands is a weekend thing for us. Either we're hiking or Jeeping. Both adventures we always take plenty of snacks and water. If it's a full day, early morning to late night we will take one meal with us, usually lunch. Fireside Provisions makes this easy to do. No pre-planning no guess work if your getting enough protein, energizing snacks or meals. 
It's so easy too. 
 Fireside Provisions has a VERY easy to use website. You just pick what adventure your doing
then select your snacks and or meals into your cart and finish up by paying. I had my meals within three days. So you do need to plan a little bit ahead but not much. 
I am going to explain each adventure (what you get and how much it costs) 
and talk about all the different snacks and meals you can get. 

So I don't forget to mention ALL meals are packaged in Sustainable Packaging. 


If your going out for the DAY. You always need to have snacks and good ones that are packed full of energy. Fireside Provisions has designed 12 hearty snacks (Trail Provisions) to choose from. For DAY HIKER you choose two snack, $7 for one person with a 2 person minimum. So a total of at least $14.... The snacks they give you are large portions of whatever you choose. I had the Sweet & Spicy Nut Mix and Hearty Cheese & Sausage. Both plenty of snack food for 2 people. They will come packaged with everything you need for that meal. 
If condiments are required they will be included. 
The twelve different snacks to choose from are: 

Sweet & Spicy Nut Mix *                        Raw Cacao Energy Chunks
Scottish Street Blend                             Almonds
Gorp Energy Chunks                              Smoked Almonds
Curry Cashew Mix                                  Hearty Cheese & Sausage *
Whole Wheat Fig Bars                            Hummus & Fire Roasted Red Peppers
Seventh Heaven Trail Mix                       Honey Peanut Butter & Apples

Cashews, Almonds, Pumpkin Seeds & Walnuts all covered in a Maple Syrup and Spices making this an excellent filling snack. We used this on a nice weekend hike where the weather was warm and the rain that afternoon brought in a very humid day. We started off our morning with a breakfast smoothie. Packed up our Jeep with our water filled backpacks and Fireside Provisions snacks. After a short drive to where we hike we started off on the trail. After about an hour of up and down hill hiking we found a nice shaded spot near a stream and brought out this yummy snack along with our water. I was worried at first that the maple syrup on the nuts would make our hands sticky, that is why we stopped near the stream, at least then we could was off our hands if need be. I was wrong, no sticky mess at all. The snack was filling and delicious, just a hint of spice and lots of not to over powering sweetness. 
Just perfect!
We didn't even eat half the bag. Trust me when I say, you get plenty of snacks for 2 people. We still have left-overs and if the monsoon rains stay away, this weekend it will be used up. 


Our second snack of the day was Hearty Cheese & Sausage, why I didn't bring my phone out on the trail to take pictures is beyond me, but let me say, the cheese was wonderful, the meat was above and beyond yummy and the pita like bread to wrap small slices of both in was outstanding. The brown mustard added the PERFECT finish touch. This snack was enough for 4 plus people, but we managed to eat the whole thing. 
Remember to bring a knife. We always carry a pocket knife in one of our water pouch backpacks, but if you don't you will need something to cut the sausage with. 

This to me is a MUST HAVE for any DAY, OVERNIGHT, WEEKENDER or BACKPACKING adventure. 

So filling, but not too much filling that you don't want to hike anymore. 

The Summer sausage was so tasty. The cheddar cheese had a perfect smokey taste and the mustard had a little kick of spice to it. 

For those over night camping trips Fireside Provisions offers the Overnighter. It includes Breakfast, 2 Snacks (Trail Provisions) & Dinner. $15 per person with the same 2 person minimum. Again I felt this was enough food for 4 people, but I guess it's better to have more then less. 
The choices again come with all the necessary condiments. 
In this description I am only going to talk about the Breakfast items. I will include the Dinner on the next one. 
You have 8 Breakfast items to choose from all excellent choices. 

Since we haven't had a chance to camp, due to our dogs and the Monsoon storms we seem to get every weekend. I choose to make my Fireside Provisions at home for breakfast last Saturday. 
One of the best breakfast's iv'e had in a while and let me remind you (just in case you forgot) I love cooking and make big meals for my boyfriend and I for each and every meal we eat. I have made some yummy breakfast's in the past, but this has by far been one of my favorite. So next time I do plan a Overnighter trip I will be including this in my stay. 

Your choices for Breakfast are:

Aunt Apples Granola with Milk                    Cranberry Couscous Crunch
Lowfat Berry Granola with Milk                    Fireside Cranberry Scones with Natural Jam
Pumpkin Flax Granola with Milk                  *Summer Sausage Hash
Power Oatmeal                                          Popop's Pancakes with Real Maple Syrup

I choose the Summer Sausage Hash. Like I said above it was DELICIOUS, I have never had summer sausage heated. I always ate it with cheese and crackers, warming it up, makes it amazing. Simple and Easy... You just add the included potatoes - purple & red, onions, garlic, salt, pepper  and you have one heck of a breakfast, now picture this same breakfast out camping, all the people around you will be begging for some when they smell the wonderful food cooking from your camp. I added 2 sunny side up eggs to mine, they don't come with. 
This with EVERYTHING but the eggs and trust me it's enough food without eggs, I just added them cuz I wanted too and you can too. All you have to do is chop the onion, potatoes, garlic and sausage. So again make sure you have a knife. But the salt, pepper, olive oil is all included. Don't forget a pan too, lol but if you camp allot i'm sure you have all that stuff already together maybe in a plastic tub. 


Weekender For your weekend camping trip, weekender will give you two breakfast's, four snacks/trail provisions and two dinners. Same deal with the two person minimum & $30 per person. You get TONS of food though. In my opinion this is an excellent deal and just think of all the time you will save when you are planning a camping trip. You just have to get your stuff together. Let Fireside Provisions take care of the food. You just spend a few minutes picking out what you want to eat...... I'm just going to talk about the Dinner in this part, since I have already talked about Breakfast & Snacks/Trail Provisions.

Your choices for Dinner are:

Maple Mustard Pork Chops & Spicy Chili Baked Yams                 * Cashew Ginger Rice Bowl w/w out Chicken
Campfire Pizza                                                                           Sun-dried Tomato Pesto Pasta
Jambalaya                                                                                 Citrus Chicken & Creamy Polenta                                        
I tried the Cashew Ginger Rice Bowl with Chicken. I totally forgot to take my phone when we cooked it one afternoon on a very late night kayaking/hiking trip. But let me tell you, it was EXCELLENT. Very gingery ( i love ginger) lots of shiitake mushrooms and tender chicken. The amount of cashews you receive is crazy. We love cashews and were so excited about how many we got to add to this meal. This meal was very easy to prepare. Just pretty much add all the included ingredients and cook...YUMMY! This would be excellent even at home. 


Backpacker is the last package you can get. It offers the same things as the weekender package and is the same 2 person minimum for $30 a person. The food will averages about 1.5 pounds per person, per day. So not bad weight for backpacking. The meals are a little different to choose from, same as above but some are missing, this is due to the weight I assume. Below I will list what the meals are. 
This would be GREAT for your next backpacking trip and so easy since the weight is all figured out for you. The biggest problem I can see with backpacking and choosing your own food is the weight issue. You don't want to over pack and have a extremely heavy pack. We have never done an over night backpacking trip, but have done day backpacking. We are always very careful about how much we put in our packs. Once we over-packed and had issues halfway into the day with our backs hurting, never did that again.
The meals you can choose from are:

Breakfast: Power Oatmeal, Cranberry Couscous Crunch, Fireside Cranberry Scones with Natural Jams, Aunt Maple's Granola with milk, Lowfat Berry Granola, Pumpkin Flax Granola with milk

Snacks/Trail Provisions: Whole Wheat Fig Bars, Raw Cacao Energy Chunks, Sweet & Spicy Nut Mix, Scoot Street Blend, Gorp Energy Chunks, Almonds, Curry Cashew Mix, Smoked Almonds, Seventh Heaven Trail Mix, Hearty Cheese & Sausage, Hummus Fire Roasted Red Peppers, Honey PB & Apples

Dinner: Cashew Ginger Rice Bowl, Campfire Pizza, Sun-dried Tomato Pesto Pasta 

Or if you just want to do your own thing, Fireside Provisions offers A LA CARTE so you can pick what you want for what meal or snack/provision you want.
I love everything about Fireside Provisions. I think they have such a great idea that is such a HUGE
 help to everyone that likes the outdoors. 
Let Fireside Provisions take the extra stress and hassle off your next outdoor adventure. 

They have included a coupon for all Simple Side of Life viewers. 
Take advantage of it and try them out. You will love it like I did and continue to use Fireside Provision for ALL your outdoor adventures. 

The code is: simpleside15