Holiday Gift Giving Review ~ Big Feet Pajamas Plush Adult Footed Pajamas with Hood in Leopard Print plus 20% off code

I love to be comfy, warm and cozy in a nice pair of pj's
Sometimes on the weekend I stay in them most of the day. 
Where I live it's very cold in the fall and winter, especially in the evening
so owning a nice pair of pj's is essential. 
I not only own one but two pairs of Big Feet pj's
They are the softest, warmest most comfy pj's I have EVER owned. 
I LOVE them. 
Not only are they my favorite, but they wash up so nice and last forever. I have had one pair
about 3 years now. They still look and feel like the did the first day I tried them on. 
I received these super cute Plush Adult Footed Pajamas with Hood in Leopard Printmine have the drop seat as seen on the girl picture. 
Let me tell you these are the softest pj's you will ever own. 
I have said that I think 3 times now, but they really are, it's like being bundled up in the best blanket you could ever own. Even my dogs fight over who get's to sit in my lap. If I happen to leave these on the floor or bed after taking them off I turn around to find 2 small dogs and a cat sleeping on them. It's adorable. 

The reason why these plush pj's are so soft is They are made of 100% plush, baby blanket-type material and are so durable, they will last for years. These pajamas zip up the front and have non-slip soles. You can opt in with or without the drop seat. I think it's super cute and it makes for easy bathroom trips when in a hurry. 

I am usually not a fan of anything that is "footed" I don't even wear socks unless i'm freezing or wearing tennis shoes. But these feet are super roomy, you can move your feet & toes around in them.
So if your claustrophobic like me you should be fine in these. 
The arms are nice and long, so when you reach up they pretty much stay put. Not too long though that they bunch up. There's a nice cuff on the arm too, it's the perfect tightness, not too tight, not too loose, just perfect. 
The hood just hangs off the back so you can wear it when you want.
I don't usually wear mine but have a few mornings when it's super cold. 

Perfect for both Men and Women
and only $49.98 plus Big Feet pj's is offering all Simple Side of Life viewers 20 % off. 
These would make a PERFECT holiday gift giving item. 
Since they come in numerous prints and styles you can get a pair for everyone in your family. 

These Very Plush Hoodie Footed Pajamas come in Unisex Sizes: XS  S  M  L  XL, they offer a sizing chart on the site, make sure you use it to get the perfect size. The Colors these pj's come in are Red,  Navy,  Pink &  Leopard and you can go with or without the
Drop Seat (butt flap)
When my kids were younger (up till teenager years) I would get them pj's for Christmas. 
They always got to open them the night before along with one other gift that we choose for them. 
Usually something to keep them busy till bedtime. 
They always knew they were getting a pair of pj's and usually tried to guess what the print would be. 
I was thinking what a cute idea it would be to get the WHOLE family matching pj's especially cute for a New Years Card picture, or get them early and use for your Holiday Card picture. Oh my how cute would that be!!!!!
This review doesn't have a giveaway......but keep your eye out, the next Big Feet Pjs review I post will. It will be coming up here soon. 

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trust me they have so much to choose from your will find something for someone on your shopping list. 
Or pick up a pair for yourself. 
You will be happy you did.