Holiday Gift Giving Review ~ Tastee Apple Review & 10% off on Cyber Monday 11/30/15 ONLY

Oh my!
These were SO good. 

I received 3 YUMMY apples covered in the most wonderful sweets with a wonderful crisp apple in the middle. 
This family owned business knows that they're doing. 
I am a huge fan of apples and when you add a not too sweet but wonderful/interesting topping you get one of the BEST apples you could ever have. 
Perfectly-ripe apples are “sticked” in made-from-scratch, small-batch, kettle-cooked caramel or a candy coating. After the apples cool, they are rolled in gooey toppings like milk, dark or white chocolate and then rolled in fresh peanuts, pecans, cookies, or pretzels. The candy and caramel apples are then carefully packaged, stored and shipped to stores throughout the country. The company continues to grow and create new and delicious, apple treats each year to satisfy both new and loyal customers.
Tastee Apple’s extensive quality control process is very hands on and eyes on. This is how we ensure that no apple earns the Tastee label unless it as fresh and perfect as it can be for your complete enjoyment and 100% satisfaction (our guarantee). From our state-of-the-art processing facilities in Ohio, we have been crafting the #1 selling Caramel Apple for four decades—that’s about 290 million apples sold! But it’s quality that we are most concerned with. That’s why each and every Tastee Apple has not only a generous coating of our mouth-watering caramel and lots of other complimentary confections, but the most important ingredient of all: family pride.
Step 1: Selecting
Because it would be virtually impossible to self-grow all of the sizes and types of apples we depend upon to make the best quality products, we partner with some of the country’s finest and most reputable apple growers. We are so choosy about the apples we pick, our experts reject about ten percent of the apples that arrive at our facilities. These apples aren’t wasted, however; they find a good home with other companies who find them marketable for their purposes or need raw apples for juice or cider. 

Step 2: Testing

A trained eye can tell a lot of about an apple just by feeling and looking at it, including type, size, and potential damage or decay. Whereas most—if not all—of our competitors are satisfied to stop there, Tastee goes a critical step further. That last thing we want is for our customers to bite into an apple that’s not perfect. By that, we mean either hard (not ripe enough) or mushy (overripe)! So we measure the firmness of our fruit to determine which meet apples meet our crispness requirements and which do not. Only those that pass go on to Step 3.
Step 3: Cleansing
Tastee Apple recognizes that reducing food safety risks is a responsibility shared by everyone involved in the food system. We take our responsibilities in this area very seriously. In addition to keeping our facilities immaculate, we follow a very thorough process to ensure that the fruit we use is clean. This includes water washing and brushing, as well as sanitizing, while demonstrating the utmost diligence to prevent bruising and maintain the integrity of the fruit.
Step 4: Decorating
Next, our shiny clean perfectly ripe apples are “sticked” and readied for the decorating process. You probably already know that every Tastee Apple is dipped in one very special ingredient: our made-from-scratch, small-batch, kettle-cooked caramel. After the caramel-enrobed apple cools, we take the next steps, depending on the type of apple we are creating for our discerning customers. Our Fantasy Gourmet Apples get rolled in lots of goodies, like milk and white chocolate morsels and fresh peanuts or pecans. Our Super Premium Gourmet Apples, after being coated with caramel, are also hand-dipped in premium milk, dark or white chocolate, then tumbled in yummy nuts, chocolate morsels or pretzels. After that, they are drizzled in more chocolate. Our traditional Caramel Apples are generously dressed, too, to enable customers to enjoy four great varieties (Caramel, Candy, Turtle, and Jelly, as well as Plain Caramel).
Step 5: Packing
Each finished Tastee Apple is carefully packaged for optimal product freshness and protection. The packaging design of our Fantasy Gourmet Apples and Super Premium Gourmet Apples are pretty enough to gift!
Step 6: Shipping
After spending a very short time in our 45-degree warehouse, Tastee Apples are on their way to your local grocery store, in refrigerated trucks, usually arriving in 24 hours or less! When refrigerated at home after purchase, Tastee Fantasy Gourmet Apples can last up to 45 days; Tastee Super Premium Gourmet Apples can last up to 30 days; Tastee Caramel Apples can last up to two weeks.
Step 7: Enjoying
The best step of all, we leave completely up to you!

Fantasy Gourmet White Pretzel Wonder is the first Tastee Apple I tried. It was so good. I am a big fan of pretzels. 
So you take this wonderful and crisp green apple, cover it in caramel, white chocolate and crushed pretzels. So delicious. Since the apple is so big you could cut this up and serve it at a  party.
You would get 8 or more slices to share. But I was not about to share.
I did have to share with my boyfriend, but he didn't like the white chocolate very much so gave me most of his half. 
I savored this and made it last 2 days. 
Excellent mix of not too sweet toppings on a crisp apple. 
Hmmm. Not sure if you want something smooth, healthy, sweet, or crunchy?
Tastees Fantasy Gourmet White Pretzel Wonder Apples have you covered!
With its pretty bow and fancy appearance, you may want to wait and admire your Fantasy Gourmet Apple before eating it. But don’t wait too long! Someone may not be able to resist it, and if that happens, you will miss out big time. Why?
We start with a jumbo apple that is guaranteed fresh and crispy then coat it in our delicious, small-batch, handmade caramel. After that cools, we roll it in mini-white chocolate morsels AND crunchy, pretzel pieces.
It’s a taste sensation of crispy toppings, smooth caramel and a sweet apple all rolled together! 
Whether you give these apples as gifts, share them with friends and family members or keep them all to yourself, get ready for pure enjoyment and satisfaction!
I am not a fan of cookie. Too sweet for me, so this one I let my boyfriend have, the whole thing!
I was surprised he wanted it, since he didn't like the white chocolate on the pretzel apple. I think it just wasn't sweet enough for him. He ate this whole Fantasy Gourmet Cookies ‘N Cream Apple after dinner. 
I took one small slice, remember you do need to slice these and before you do that they need to sit out for a bit or you won't be able to slice through them.  It was good but a little too sweet for me.
Crunchy cookies, a creamy white-chocolate coating, smooth caramel and a crisp apple on a stick… all wrapped up in a bow. Whats not to love?
If you are celebrating a special occasion, or just want to savor a delicious treat, Tastee’s Fantasy Gourmet Cookies ‘N Cream Caramel Apples are the perfect treat.
First, we pick perfectly ripe, crisp apples that go through our 7-step, rating process. Then, we coat the apples in our home-made caramel made in small, kettle-cooked batches. Next, we add a special, white-chocolate coating and then dip the apple in chocolate cookie-crumbs. For a final touch, we add a big bow and carefully pack the apple in our unique packaging to keep it fresh and protected during shipping.
If you want something a little different, these 8 or 9 ounce Cookies ‘N Cream apples offer just the right amount of sweetness accompanied by a crisp, healthy apple. They make great gifts and are the perfect snack any time!
Fantasy Gourmet Double Chocolate Delight
This apple is sweet, you can't sit and eat the whole thing at once. 
This one is perfect for a few people. Perfect for your next holiday party. 

Are you looking for the perfect gift or a nice, chocolate break for yourself?
Let us introduce you to our Fantasy Gourmet Double Chocolate Apples.
More than just chocolate, this tasty treat-on-a-stick offers a combination of caramel,
white and dark chocolate and crunch!
The perfect gift. This chocolate apple is wrapped in a bow and ready to eat. We start with a crisp apple guaranteed fresh. Then we coat it in our special kettle cooked caramel. When it is cooled we dip the entire apple in dark chocolate and then drizzle white chocolate over the top.
The apple looks absolutely delicious, and tastes even better when you bite into it!
Now, are you ready to treat yourself to some chocolaty goodness?
Jelly Apples
This is a smaller red apple, not as crisp as the others but still very good. 
It has a totally different texture and taste. I LOVE coconut. I wish this was on the big green apples. 
It would of been my favorite. 
The outside is covered in a soft caramel with yummy flaked coconut. This apple you can just eat off the stick. I did cut mine up so I could share, but ended up getting the whole thing to myself. Was so excited. 
Have you ever had a jelly apple?
While it may sound strange to many of you, this is a well-known treat on the East Coast of the United States.
Jelly apples have a misleading name as they do not contain jelly, rather a soft caramel like shell. Jelly apples will surprise you and here’s why.
You bite into the apple expecting a crisp taste, instead your teeth sink into a gooey caramel with a sweet candy flavor. The coconut topping adds a crunchy texture and combines with the flavor of the fresh apple underneath.
Even if you don’t like candy apples or coconut, you may like this treat because the flavors combine together to create a unique taste sensation unlike anything else.
Jelly Apples Do Not Contain Jelly!
A popular, Coney Island seaside-treat, we received many requests to make these jelly apples as they were simply unavailable. Because of this, we conducted research and tested many different flavors and consistencies in 1980 to create our unique recipe for jelly apples that we sell today.
After selecting apples through our 7-step rating process which is backed by our SQF certification, we add our family-recipe, jelly-coating that is scratch-made and kettle-cooked. Then, we roll the fruit in a fresh, coconut topping. There is no jelly or jam in the apple-coating!
The jelly apples have an unexpected consistency and delicious, sweet taste the whole family will enjoy.
Want to try something different and surprise your friends with an unexpected, tasty (and healthy) treat?
Tastee apples would make for a perfect holiday gift giving idea. 
Or serve them at your next holiday party. 
You get 3 Fantasy Gourmet apples for $24.95
(4 flavors to choose from)
each apple comes individually wrapped 
so this makes 3 individual gifts. 
Perfect for neighbors, teachers, mailman, or just about anyone. 
The smaller caramel apples (comes in 5 different styles/flavors) are only
$24.95 a dozen, 12 gifts you get out of this one. 
Or you can get the Super Premium Apple for $19.95 each. 
These come in 4 separate flavors.