Holiday Gift Giving Review ~ Art Therapy Review

Enjoying the relaxing power of coloring

Coloring is very relaxing. 
I can sit and color for hours. I sort of tune out whats going on around me and concentrate on the colors, lines and the fun of making something look so beautiful. Art Therapy has some beautiful coloring pages that you can use for creativity and relaxation. Great for young to old. 
For $4.95 Art Therapy will send you all the above pictured items. 
TWO Magazines
Storage Box for all your coloring Supplies
6 Coloring Pencils & sharpener
3 Markers 

Receive your monthly dose of relaxing coloring!

You can cancel at anytime or continue getting monthly sets of Art Therapy coloring books. 
When you subscribe to receive monthly issues you get 4 books per month. 
 for only $4.95 per issue 
    (plus $1 shipping & handling per issue).
 Plus with a subscription you get 7 gifts. 
I think this is an awesome gift for yourself or someone that loves to color, relax or needs something calming in their life. It's a good deal for what you get. Each page is a full size sheet of paper. Hard card stock type paper, so you won't tear the pages when taking them out of the book and the pens don't really bleed through. 
This is so relaxing, so much fun and you can make some beautiful prints to frame and add your own personal touch to your home, bedroom or office. 

Below is one print I colored. I used the pens and colored pencils included in my introductory set plus some pens I already had. It was so relaxing and the few days I took to color what you see below I slept better at night. Allowing my mind and brain to calm down in the evening allowed for a really good nights sleep for me.