Luminoodle is a super cool flexible, waterproof, LED strip of bright lights that you can use anywhere. 
Since it holds a charge for about 6 hours this makes for a perfect light for camping or any outdoor use. 

It's waterproof up to 3 ft of water for 30 minutes.
So if it happens to rain, you don't have to rush and get it to a dry place. 

The Luminoodle comes in 5 or 10 ft lengths
You can purchase it with or without a battery pack. 
The battery pack is pretty cool. It has a light of it's own down the side. 

The Luminoodle works anywhere.
It includes a universal strap system, embedded magnets, utility loop, and a lantern bag so you can stick it, strap it, hook it, or hang it to add light to your night.


Take the Luminoodle out of it's bag and unwrap the 5 ft or 10 ft of LEDs and strap it, magnet it, or loop it to whatever you have handy!

Includes 3 Universal Ties

It comes with 3 universal ties which can be used to attach the Luminoodle to tent poles, branches or any stick like objects available. At the end of the noodle is a utility loop allowing you to hang the noodle in seconds. You can also drape the noodle over your tent or in a tree to create the perfect ambient lighting.

Built-In Magnets

Additionally with the built-in magnets, you can stick it to the side of your car or picnic table and light up your night time activites. With 180 lumens spread over 26 LEDs, it provides enough light to read without creating any of those irritating hot spots like a headlamp or flash light.  

Lantern Mode
Rip-Stop Nylon Lantern Bag

In the included rip-stop nylon bag, Luminoodle acts just like a lantern by diffusing light and spreading it 360 degrees. Just wrap Luminoodle around any USB battery pack, turn it on, and stuff it in.

You can carry around the Luminoodle by its drawstring and illuminate the path ahead of you. You can also hang it inside your tent or place it on your picnic table and it works just like a standard camping lantern. 

Use As A Storage Bag

Use the rip-stop nylon bag to store your luminoodle, accessories, and battery pack when not in use.

The Luminoodle is super cool. I can't wait till it warms up and we can actually go camping. For now we use our Luminoodle on the back porch and it pretty much lights up the whole backyard. We only turn it on when were out back, right now that's not used much, but soon it will be. 
The battery pack also works as just a light, cell phone charger or other USB charged items. 

You can purchase the Luminoodle online HERE 

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