Valentines Day Gift Giving ~ Tastee Apple Valentine Trio

Nothing is better then a crispy apple covered in yummy chocolate and caramel.
Why not treat the ones you love with a wonderful
Valentine Trio from Tastee Apple. 
For ONLY $19.95 you get 3 WONDERFUL, crispy apples covered in 
dark, chocolate and white chocolate
under the row of chocolate is delicious caramel. 

When cut in half you can see the layer of each, so yummy. 

Each apple is topped with a cute bow. 
(teddy bear not included)

What a wonderful way to say I LOVE YOU...

I love caramel and chocolate covered apples. Tastee Apple is by far the BEST caramel and chocolate covered apple I have ever had. The apple is so crisp and fresh. The chocolate is not too much, just the right amount
pure delicious and the caramel is wonderful.

If your more of a caramel and nuts person, Tastee Apple has a WONDERFUL juicy Granny Smith apple covered in caramel and fresh-roasted nuts. It's my absolute favorite apple Tastee Apple sells. I could eat one a day.