At Home ~ The Home Decor Superstore Review

We recently had this WONDERFUL store open in our town, Prescott, Arizona. 
I was lucky enough to get a $50 gift card to try it out. 
I was impressed with how far my $50 went. 
Of course most went to getting things for our two dogs & two cats, but it was well worth it. 

I was not able to attend the Grand Opening, last weekend, due to my hand and just not feeling up to it, but I did go for the first time Monday afternoon. HUGE store, full of a little bit of EVERYTHING. 
If you have a At Home Store by you, you need to go check it out. You will find everything you  need to make your home exactly how you want it. 

This is the first row of isles when you walk in. Seasonal is first. We went right to the pet area, since our pet's rule the house, we figured we would get them something. They were due for new dog beds and a new water/food bowl
(only cuz they were adorable). 
Below is what we got, with our pets getting in them the second we walked in the door.
I set the beds down and they jumped in. 

Jacky & Duncan love this bed, it's deep, and VERY soft. The inside is a velvet like royal blue the outside is soft too and deep grey. They love this bed. It's like a pet sandwich when one of them's in it. 
Jacky spent hours in the bed last night (black dog) it took her some time to figure out how to get in it and not tip it over, but she has it down now and loves sleeping in there. 
We keep this next to the couch, so she can sleep near us when downstairs. 
Duncan will only go in it now if you put him in it, otherwise he just smells it and walks away. But once you stick him in, he goes right to sleep. Our other cat hasn't figure out how to get in it yet, she just walks over it and walks away. 
This bed cost $12.99
We also got them this adorable water & food dish, I can tell they like the food raised up off the ground some. Molly our mini dachshund used to practically lay down while eating, now she stand or sits her butt down and eats. Plus since the pets dish is between the living room and kitchen in our small home. I liked this way this looked better then just a kitchen bowl for food and big glass bowl for water. 
The metal dishes are easy to lift out to clean and refill. 
Very cute and was only $14.99
Again for the pets, this adorable bed. I guess Duncan thinks it's his, it was really for the dogs, then this morning when I got up our other cat Katy was asleep in it, so i guess it's now a cat bed. 
The original plan was to replace the dog bed that sits at the foot of our bed. I guess we were wrong... This bed is super soft in the inside. 
I love the pattern on the outside, it's more blue in person, unlike the picture where to me it looks grey. 
Duncan is a very big cat, so this bed is larger then it looks. Both our small dogs fit in it at the same time. 
This bed costs $14.99

and next we actually bought stuff not for the pets.............

As most of you know, my house is SMALL. So we have allot of stuff stored in the upstairs closet. Including toilet paper. Before when you needed a new roll you had to run upstairs.  I did keep an extra under the sink, but most of the time forgot to replace it when we used it. 
I have been wanting one of those handing toilet paper holders, but at another local store they were $25-$30, I thought that was a little much to hold a few rolls of toilet paper. But At Home this was only $7.99 and it matches my trashcan just perfect. 

The last purchase we made was this handy shower hanger. It get's stuff off the window in the shower and looks great. I love how it matched our fixtures and it was only $14.99
Since adding it to our shower we have now put just about everything the two of us use onto it and cleaned up the window area to make room for my orchard that is just about to bloom. 
It's a big help and makes the shower area look cleaner/less cluttered. 
Only problem I found was the bottom shelf is allot closer then appears in the picture to the top shelf, so most of our bottles don't fit. I wish it had a little more space to put more pump style bottles. 

Overall I thought the $50 went a long ways At Home.... I was very happy with our purchases & as you can see so
were my pets.....

PROS & CONS of At Home Store. 
  • Everything you need in 1 store to furnish your home. 
  • Good Prices, especially if you live in a smaller town like I do with not allot of competition. 
  • Seasonal items, to decorate your home or to give as gifts. 
  • Long hours, open from 9 am to 10 pm every day but Sunday (closes @ 9pm) this is rare for the town I live in, most things close at 5-6 pm. 
  • BIG selection of each item, so you can choose optional colors, patterns, textures. 


  • The store has a odd smell, I am not sure if this is because it's brand new or what, but it has a odd strong plastic smell. I hope it goes away, It was starting to make my head hurt and not want to stay long. 

They had these cute rooms set up around the store to give you ideas. I liked all of them of course... I wish this store would of been open when we got done with our remodel. I would of furnished my whole home with At Home items. 

If you happen to live in or near Prescott AZ come check out our new At Home ~ The Home Decor Superstore 
if not, they have these stores in different area's. CLICK HERE to find one near you. 

We spent a total of $60.46... I also had a Grand Opening coupon for 15% off my purchase. 
So after my discount of $9.89 and my gift card I spent $10.46 all in all, I felt the grand total before discounts of $65.95 was an excellent deal. 
This will be my new favorite store, for every thing my homes needs. Plus it's right down the street from me. if you live in a smaller town like I do, you will understand what a huge deal this is. 

Thank you At Home. You just made a customer for life.